Textile Tuesday!

Another passion we have here at F.I.N.D.S. is textiles.  Starting our own line of textiles is definitely on the list of things to do at Studio Em Interiors.  With that in mind this month we are featuring our favorite textiles for your seaside retreat.

First up we have Laura Lienhard Textiles fabric Seadrift.  This is an upholstery weight fabric woven in India out of Cotton, silk, and linen.  This textural fabric is a solid offered in 6 colorways that give the feeling of being on the coast.  The neutral tones and muted colors of this fabric will work with many interior color schemes while adding a textural element to the room.

Textile Colorways
Laura Lienhardt Textile Colorways


The second company we have selected is the Bolt House Textiles Coastal Collection.  They offer a fun mix of coastal prints that offer the modern feel we are keeping in our seaside retreat this month.  All of the Bolt House Textiles products are handmade in the U.S.A. and environmentally conscious.  They offer rolls of fabric, but all of their fabrics can be made into pillows as well.  The company offers choices for the pattern, fabric types for printing, and colorways to create truly one of a kind, custom pieces for your home.  We love their take on the prints giving the nautical theme without being too literal with the images they use.  However, what originally caught our eye with this company is their pillow with a single plain flange and jute rope and grommet detail.  This pillow is a great way to add a nautical, beachy feel to a room in a more unique way.  This pillow is one of our favorite picks for the month.

Pillow with single plain flange and jute rope and grommet detail



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