Monthly Design Tip: 7 tips for Grouping Accessories


First of all go with what you love.  You will be happier with the result if your accessories reflect who you are.  Do you have a favorite collection?  A hobby or special interest?  Have you traveled the world?  Decorate with your finds from travel or your favorite color.  If you choose to start with pieces you already love then the rest of these tips will have you grouping all those items in a fantastic way!

1.)    We will start with the basics.  Many of you may already know this, but it cannot be said enough.  Always, always group in odd numbers, 3’s, 5’s, 7’s, etc.

2.)    Focus on a collection and group items of similar size, hue, or topic into a striking display.  Again, stick to things you love!  Step out of the box with objects used and let your personality and hobbies or interests work for you.  For example do you love photography?  Or are a you a photographer?  Use a vintage camera or a camera lens in your display.

3.)    Use your accessories to help create a focal point.  By placing the grouping in the right places you can create or enhance a focal point in the room.  Display a collection from travels on a fireplace mantel to enhance the focal point in the room or create one by grouping items on a shelf or tabletop.

4.)    Tabletops offer a large amount of space for various decorative items such as books, flowers, and decorative objects.  Use this space to get creative with the type of objects chosen.  A good way to keep things looking orderly is to use trays to group similar items and cluster objects of different sizes and colors in one tray.  Not only will this bring the focus to your grouping but it will keep everything well organized.  The tray also helps the display to be easily removed if more space is needed when entertaining.

5.)    Use Books!  Books do not always have to be perfectly lined up.  Books can be stacked and lined up in different directions, there are no rules.  Alternate horizontal and vertical stacks and add framed photos or treasured items to the display.  Use the books to vary the heights of your decorative items and dress up different stacks of book by topping them with more sculptural items or great found objects.

6.)    Balance out items of different shapes and sizes with an asymmetrical arrangement.  Balance taller objects with several smaller ones and group items together and overlap shapes to create layers.  Use items of the same color pallete to unify unrelated finds.  Mixing the size and height of objects will add visual interest to your room

7.)    While referring to fashion accessories coco Channel once said: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”.  The same applies to interiors; your accessories are the jewelry for your house.  Too much clutter and your accessories will not look right.  Less is more!  Edit!  Edit!  Edit!



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