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Lolipop In Model

Decorigami is a fun feature we at F.I.N.D.S. will be writing each month.  We are using this post to showcase the best of hidden, foldable, or dual purpose design.  It is essentially design origami, taking one item and flipping and folding it into another.  This month we found the perfect addition to our seaside retreat.  If you have a beach house you never know when an unexpected guest will drop by and most likely there will be a lot of family and friends coming to visit.  When you have a beach house there is really no other way to enjoy it than with others and lots of entertaining.

Lolisoft In

This month we have selected a bunk bed take on the classic murphy bed from Anima Domus.  This unit sits against the wall and then folds out into a set of bunk beds when extra sleeping space is needed.  It takes up the minimal amount of space when not in use, but quickly unfolds when an extra guest stops by.  The first model is the Lolipop In and comes with an integrated folding ladder and a pullout protection barrier.  It is also available with an optional frontal tilting table.  This specific model is one of Anima Domus’ most popular murphy bed models.

Lolisoft In 3
Lolisoft In Model


Lolisoft In 2
Lolisoft In Model

The second model we selected is the Lollisoft In.  The overall look and design of this model is just as the first, but this one is a little more kid friendly if you will be having  more little ones utilizing these sleeping arrangements.  This bunk system comes with  a loose ladder and an upholstered safety barrier that is more kid friendly.  It also includes a special  device that helps making the bed so the little ones can help clean up after themselves if you like.  Lastly, both models have a storage space above the fold out beds where you can keep extra pillows and linens for the bed.

Lolisoft In 4
Lolisoft In Model showing storage

This is one of our favorite additions to a beach house, cabin, or even a guest room in the home you already have.  No space for a guest room?  Add this to the office for a makeshift guest room when needed.  It is always nice to have extra space for guests to sleep that is not the couch.  Kids will love them and adults can feel like a kid again when visiting.


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