September Monthly Mood Board

Finds - September - Monthly Mood Board Flattened

This month is dedicated to small space living.  In honor of the back to school season there are many that will be moving into dorms and apartments all over the country and many in larger cities that may already live in a small space.  This month we will be showing you how to transform your small space into a chic and stylish hangout that maximizes all the space you have to work with to its full potential.  Here are the items we have selected for this month’s mood board:

1.)    Our first selection is a mirror.  Not only is this mirror a sculptural art piece for the wall, but it will also help the space feel larger than it actually is.  Mirror 1844-P from Majestic Mirror.

2.)    Next up is the One Night Stand Sleep Sofa from Blu Dot.  We selected this sofa for its stylish look and clean lines.  The minimal legs on the sofa give it a clean look and the open space under the sofa keeps it from looking too heavy, again tricking the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is.  It also folds out into a queen sized mattress for overnight guests when needed.

3.)    We love the curve of the Overarching Floor Lamp from West Elm.  The sleek design of this takes up a minimal amount of space and the arc of the lamp allows it to be positioned over furniture so it can double as task lighting when needed.

4.)    Another great addition to this room is the Wood Stool from Room & Board.  It lends an organic element to the room and is a perfect place to stack a couple magazines next to the sofa.  This too can be used as an additional seat if needed.

5.)    Next up is the Addison Wall Unit from Room & Board.  This unit is fantastic for a small place.  It allows room for a flat screen TV (a must in a small space), enough storage for all components (cable box, DVD player, game systems, etc.), and additional hidden storage, as well as a shelf area to display collections, books, or accessories in the room.  Use the shelf space to add some color to the room.

6.)    Also from Room & Board we have selected the Tyler Storage Bench.  In lieu of a coffee table the storage bench is the perfect option.  It allows for extra storage and when you are in need of more seating in the space clear it off and it is the perfect spot for additional guests to rest.

7.)    In a small space you may be limited on space in your kitchen as well.  We have chosen to add a beverage cart to this room and keep everything on hand to keep guests refreshed.  Style the cart well and it adds a nice touch to the design.  Our pick is the Sedgewick faux bamboo bar cart form Society Social.

8.)    Again with extra seating (you can never have too much).  We have selected the Fifi Folding Chair from Society Social.  This chair comes in a great selection of bright colors.  It would look great with one sitting next to the beverage cart we selected and when not in use they fold up and are easily stored or if you want more color in the space get a hook and hang them on the wall like art.

9.)    We love these Lacquered Trays!  The Tropical Rectangles from Plantation Design add a great pop of color to your space.  Use this sitting on the upholstered storage ottoman to display a grouping of accessories or set a beverage you have just prepared from the cart.  Easily remove the tray and accessories when you have guests and need the extra seating.

10.) In a small space usually you have a lighter neutral wall color to help it seem larger or you are renting and most rentals or dorms have light neutral wall colors you cannot change.  This is why we are selecting ways to add pops of color to your space.  Another way to do that is with throw pillows.  We are loving the color blocked Brick Cushion from A+R.  Another great way to add multiple colors to a space and a bit of pattern without being too overwhelming.

11.) Lastly, we have selected the Lourdes Sanchez Wool Bull’s-Eye Rug in Multi from West Elm.  An area rug is a great way to add some color and pattern to a space.

We hope you enjoy our small space and keep checking back all month for more ideas, tips, and suggestions to maximize your small space and make it fantastic!


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