Textile Tuesday

It’s Textile Tuesday again!  This month we have selected textiles that will help to infuse your small space with a splash of color and also help to make the space feel larger than it actually is.  We have a few favorites this month so let’s dive right in!

First we have selected some of our favorite stripes.  The stripe pattern will help to add height to your room when the stripes are arranged in a vertical manner, which will make the room feel taller than it actually is by drawing the eye up and around the room.  This is most effective when used for window treatments, but any of these striped fabrics would look great on a side chair or accent pillows as well.

Token by Knoll Textiles

1.)    Token polyester by Knoll Textiles.  This fabric has a vertical mini-stripe with a horizontal band of color. The fabric can be directed either way so you can choose if you would like the small mini stripes or the larger band of color to run vertically.  This allows you to use the fabric in more than one place, but change the look slightly by changing the direction of your stripe.  It is offered in colors that range from neutral to some that will add a bright pop of color to your space.

Mixage col. 18 from Dedar

2.)    Mixage from Dedar.  This is an elegant multicolored velvet stripe.  It is offered in many gorgeous colors to fit any décor.  The velvet will add a timeless feel to the space and introduce a little bit of texture in the room.  Choose one of the richer, deeper colorways to add a gorgeous pop of color to your space. Our favorite is col. 18 a mix of deep purples.

Zephyr from Dedar

3.)    Also from Dedar is Zephyr.  This is an elegant vertical stripe in a soft linen fabric.  It is again offered in many colorways, but unlike the velvet they are softer more neutral colors, but all still gorgeous.  The best part about this fabric is that is comes in extra-wide widths (perfect for draperies) and is washable!  Washable is something we always love to hear when selecting beautiful textiles.

Next we have selected some of our favorite tone-on-tone patterns.  By choosing a patterned fabric that creates its pattern by using different shades of the same color it keeps that pattern from looking too busy in a room.  In a small space the last thing you need is clutter and you do not want to clutter the eye with too many busy patterns that could make the space confusing.  That is why using patterns like those we have selected below will add interest to a small space without making it too overwhelming.

Bubbly from LebaTex

1.)    Bubbly from LebaTex creates a stripe like pattern without being your basic stripe.  The vertical dots running up and down this fabric create the same effect a traditional stripe would in your room.  The circular dot pattern is meant to emulate the motion of champagne bubbles.  We also love that this fabric is offered in four different colorways that all have a tone on tone pattern which will help to keep your room from looking too busy.

Houndstooth Suede from Townsend Leather

2.)    Another tone-on-tone pattern we love is the Houndstooth Suede Cowhide from Townsend Leather.  This suede pattern will add some texture to your room and dress up your upholstery.  It is from the companies Shimmering Suede Collection and provides just the right amount of wow for your room.  The subtle shimmer and texture are sure to add interest to the space.

Lastly, we have selected fabrics with small scale patterns.  By using a smaller print it helps to create a unified effect in your space and visually expand the room.  Now there is no rule saying you cannot use a larger scale print in a small space, I know I have designed client’s rooms that way before, but that is for more of a statement and has to be carefully selected.  Usually other prints in that room would still have a smaller scale to them in order to not overwhelm the space.  Some of our favorite small scale patterns are below.

Ziggy from Dedar

1.)    We love what Dedar has to offer this month and have also fallen in love with the pattern Ziggy.  Again this company offers fantastic color options!  This is a small scale geometric pattern and many of the color options are tone-on tone as well.  This covers two of our reasons for putting this fabric in a small space.  Not only will this help to unify the space and expand your room, but it will certainly not look too busy.

Boutique (top two) and Wander (middle and bottom) from Wolf Gordon

2.)    We love the small scale patterns of Boutique and Wander from Wolf-Gordon.  Boutique is meant to reference the look of skin covered hangbags and Wander recalls European urban topography.  We love the map like look of this fabric.  They are offered in great colors and we find the pattern interesting without being too much for a small space.

Canopy Collection from Giati Designs, Inc.

3.)    Our last fabric selection this month is the entire Canopy Collection from Giati Designs, Inc.  There are four patterns offered in five colors and all are made of solution-dyed acrylic that resists water, mildew, and fading.  We love that the collection is inspired by treetops, wood grain, and bamboo and will add a natural, organic feel to your room.  In addition to how great these look, the company is donating a portion of the proceeds from these fabrics to organizations promoting preservation of the rainforests.

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