Design Finds!

This month our Design Find is Tempaper.  Tempaper is self-adhesive, repositionable, temporary wallpaper.  We have selected this as the perfect addition to a small space, especially if you are renting.  This wallpaper is a great way to add impact and personality to a room without the commitment of a traditional wallcovering.  There are many different patterns and styles available from traditional to modern looks that will fit in with any décor or help you change the look of your space completely.  In a small room a well selected wall covering can make a big impact.  Choose a bold color or pattern and create a focal point in a room that will catch the eye of all who enter.  In addition to the patterns they offer in their collections (Click here to get to the downloadable catalog), there are custom options available as well.  Tempaper lets you upload your own files to print as wallpaper or you can even change the color way of an existing design in their catalog.  If you still don’t see anything you like and maybe you are not one to design your own, you are still in luck!  Design services are available to you.  Whatever you have in mind or need help with they can make sure to get you what you need to make your space fantastic.

In our Textile Tuesday post we discussed some tricks to use with pattern and color to help make your space feel larger.  All of those rules still apply with the wallcovering.  We can use the same tricks to make the space feel larger with wallcovering as well.  Below are some of our picks from the Tempaper collection for your small, but fabulous spaces.

tempaper ettapearl_rmbtn
Tempaper Etta Pearl

1.)    Our first pick is Etta Pearl.  We love this for two reasons.  This pattern mimics a stripe and will help add height to a room with lower ceilings and in this color way it is more tone on tone so it will not look too busy in the room.  It does have a metallic look to the pattern which will add a bit of a wow factor to the space without being too over powering.

tempaper honeycombdeepblue
Tempaper Deep Blue Honeycomb

2.)    If you are looking for something a little more bold and adventurous we love the Deep Blue Honeycomb.  This is a more daring pattern to choose, but would look fantastic behind a sofa in a small space.  Used on one focal wall it will add impact to the room and a splash of color.  Small spaces can be fantastic too.

Tempaper tbywall2_rmbtn
Tempaper By You

3.)    Our last pick has many possibilities.  This is Tempaper by You.  This is a temporary and repositionable wall canvas that can be used with pens, pencils, markers, paint, crayons, etc.  We see endless possibilities with this paper.  It can be used in a rented space to change the color without having to repaint.  Put up the paper and paint it any color of your choosing and just tear it down when you are ready to move rather than having to repaint.  Another use could be for children’s rooms or a play room.  Not that we encourage drawing on the wall, but it could be a fun one time art project that they help create for their own space.

All in all Tempaper is a great source for adding a wow factor to any space.  It is easily removable to change the décor whenever you choose in a home you already own and the perfect solution to help personalize a space you are renting.


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