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If you are living in a small space then chances are one of the smallest rooms in your home just may be the bedroom.  I have lived in many different sized and shaped bedrooms over the years and some of the smaller ones can be a challenge to fit in all the typical bedroom furniture.  One solution to this would be to select a bed that offers storage as well.  If you are limited on space and do not have room for a dresser, a bed with drawers in the base may be the solution for you.  If your closet looks like it is more suited for doll clothing than your own then a bed with drawers underneath could be an option for you as well.  Another storage bed option would be the type where the entire mattress lifts to reveal storage space.  This would be great for places that are lacking a linen closet and short on space for linens, towels, etc.  It is the perfect place to store things you may not need every day. Below is a selection of some of our favorite picks for storage beds, ordered from more affordable solutions to ones you may choose to splurge on.

Concorde Queen, Macy’s

1.)    First we have the Concorde Queen Bed with 2-side storage from Macy’s.  We love the mid-century design with scalloped details at the head and footboards.  This bed has two smaller drawers on each side of the bed.  It is also offered with the option of only having storage on one side.  The Concorde is crafted with cherry veneer and finished in a bold dark roast finish.

Stratton PB
Stratton Bed with Baskets from Pottery Barn

2.)    Our next selection has a compact design and a more cottage like feel to it, but is ideal for a small space.  The Stratton Bed with Baskets from Pottery Barn is the perfect addition to a small space.  The light color will help to brighten the room and make it feel larger and we love the addition of the baskets to add some texture to the space.

Hawthorne Collection from Macy’s

3.)    If leather is more suited to your taste then the Hawthorne Collection from Macy’s is for you.  This bed lifts for under bed storage of linens, pillows, towels, etc.  As we discussed above for those items you may not need daily, but need a place to store them then this bed is for you.

bowery-bed cb
Bowery Bed from Crate & Barrel

4.)    If you are looking for a clean lined modern look that mixes wood and metal, take a look at the Bowery Storage bed from Crate & Barrel.  In a warm walnut finish with metal details the built in storage of this bed is equivalent to that of a six-drawer dresser.

Storage_Bed_Platform_x LAX
Storage Platform Bed from LAX Series

5.)    Our next pick is another minimal design with clean lines to fit into small spaces.  The Storage Platform bed from the LAX Series by VIASH Studios is another option with drawer space that can replace the need for a dresser.  This bed has 8 large rolling drawers that can be filled with everything you would have fit in your dresser.

img40o pb
Sumatra Storage Bed from Pottery Barn

6.)    If modern and minimal is not your cup of tea (we love it, but we know it’s not for everyone) then the Sumatra Storage Bed from Pottery Barn has more of a traditional feel to it.  This bed is finished in a mahogany stain and will lend a rustic feel to your room.

7.)    If you really want to splurge then go over to Flou and see what they have to offer.  They have a large selection of beds with under bed lift up storage and an array of upholstered bed options.  Again, this is a splurge, but it is worth checking out.  See all they have to offer here.

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