Design Tips: 7 Ways to Maximize the Space you do have!

Furniture on legs, pedestal side table and lucite coffee table all help to visually expand the space.

1.)    Select your furniture wisely – For larger items like your sofa and side chairs choose pieces that are on legs.  It will give the furniture a less heavy look and help the room look larger.  Also choose furniture you can see through.  Think glass table tops, Lucite or Plexiglas.  Furniture made of these materials will seem to disappear.  A pedestal style table will also work.  Anything that you can see through or around is not as heavy and will help to visually expand your space.

Open Wall Shelving
Wall shelving to keep floor space clear and allow for more storage if needed below

2.)    Space is always at a premium in smaller apartments/homes so make sure there is a place for everything and clutter is at a minimum.  Don’t be afraid to invest in a custom wall unit for storage or to display a collection.  If possible use floor to ceiling shelving that is off the floor instead of a bookcase.  By keeping things off the floor it will help to keep the feel of the room larger than it actually is.

Well Placed Mirror
A well placed mirror to reflect light into the room.

3.)    A properly placed mirror can work wonders in a space.  Use it in a dimly lit dining room or living area to reflect light from floor and table lamps.  Also, if placed directly across from a window it will catch the light and reflect it nicely back into the room.  It will create the illusion of a larger space.

4.)    Do you need additional storage?  Arrange furniture at an angle in the corner of a room.  This way you can stack cute storage boxes or baskets behind it for additional items you would like to keep neatly tucked away.

5.)    Select furniture that can be used for more than one purpose.  Choose a dining table that can double as a desk, a sofa that can be a sleeper for guests, and an ottoman that has storage and can be used for extra seating when needed.

6.)    Are the ceilings in the space low?  Hang curtain rods and draperies at the ceiling to make the room seem taller.

CA Home+Design Small Space Big Style Showhouse, Living room by Christopher Kennedy

7.)    Just because you are in small space do not be afraid to be bold.  Choose a bright or dark color you love and paint the enitre room in it or use it to create bold graphics on the wall, use a crazy patterned wallcovering in your entry or living room, choose brightly colored furnishings.  Do what you love.  Don’t hold back.  Going bold can create an interesting space with a wow factor that will make everyone who enters forget it’s a small space.

how-to-design-a-small-space (1)
Click on this picture for a link to our source for this gorgeous room and see more pictures of this bold apartment.

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