I remember my first apartment my second year of college.  Happy to be out of the small dorm room, but still limited on space and still sharing with my college dorm suitemate.  We shared a small one bedroom apartment between the two of us.  We had a very small living space and a tiny dining table the two of us barely fit at.  It was impossible to have friends or family over to eat because the space just wasn’t there to permanently have a large dining table. We would sit on the floor or some at the table squeezed in, some in the living room at the coffee table, but never together.  I wish we had known about a table like this back then.

For this month’s Decorigami we have selected another item from Anima Domus.  This time a table with the product name of Box.  The Box table conceals a system that transforms the table from a low coffee table to a dining table that is able to seat anywhere from eight to ten people.

imagemdim (2)
Configured as a coffee table

This would have been the perfect table for our apartment when we were in college.  We could have kept it as a coffee table in the living room for most of the time.  Then the table can be transformed to sit higher.  This way we still could have kept it by the sofa, but used it as more of a desk for work/homework, or even to eat while still in the living room if we had wanted.

imagemdim (1)
Raised table for a desk or small dining

If more space is needed for work the table can be moved slightly and expanded to allow more desk space for work to get done. And if a dinner party is what you have in mind expand the table all the way to seat the 8-10 people that you have invited over for a good time.  It is the perfect table to gather all your friends and family around.  When the party is over, just pack it back up and return your place to normal with a coffee table.

Expanded to its maximum for a large dining table

We selected this table for its many uses.  Not only is this perfect for a person with a small space, but it would work great for college students, apartment renters, and even those who already own a space that is quite large.  Maybe you do have room for a permanent dining table, but the holidays are spent at your house and you need more room for family and friends a few times a year.  This table is great for that as well as it can be brought out when needed, but is tucked away and very stylish the rest of the year.  It is the perfect multipurpose solution for many decorating dilemmas.

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