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Finds - October - Monthly Mood Board Flattened


This month is dedicated to outdoor living.  All across the country weather is cooling down and there is no better time to take to the outdoors.  I know we will be soaking up as much of this cool weather as we can before it gets colder.  That means it is time to get outdoors and spruce up our outdoor spaces.  One of the best ways to do this is to treat the outdoor area as if it were another room of your home.  Here are a few of our picks to bring the indoors out and enjoy this beautiful weather.

1.)    Our first selection is the Ibiza Sofa with cushions from Front Gate.   Made of all-weather shimmer-bronze wicker and elongated cast aluminum finished in architectural bronze this is the perfect sofa for your outdoor room.  The curved lines of this sofa will work in a traditional or modern space and the materials allow for the piece to be durable outdoors, but also lightweight and easy to rearrange when you desire.

2.)    Next up is the Ibiza Lounge chair with cushions from Front Gate.  Made of the same material as its matching sofa it is the perfect accompaniment to the space.  The neutral color of the cushions on both these pieces allows you to easily change the color of your accessories to change the look of the space and to change with the seasons if you choose.

3.)    Add a little color to your space with the Prisma Table in purple from Grandin Road.  Made of lightweight polycarbonate this can be used as a side table, but is light enough to move for extra seating when needed and it is sturdy enough to use for seating.  It has a UV treatment to add to its durability for outdoor use.  (also available in clear and red colors)

4.)    Instead of a coffee table we have chosen the matching Ibiza Beach Bed from Front Gate to pair with our seating arrangement.  This will allow for more seating if needed or it can be accessorized by adding a tray to group your accessories or hold drinks when enjoying the outdoors.

5.)    Our next pick is the set of three Hyde Park Teak-top Nesting Tables from Front Gate.  We chose these tables to introduce a new wood and metal finish into the space and we love the fact they are nesting tables.  Not only does this add a little interest, but when you are using the bench and side table for extra seating you have a couple small tables to move around the space for your guests to rest their drinks when needed.  The key to a great outdoor space is room to entertain and mix it up when needed to accommodate your guests.  Durable lightweight pieces are key to this concept.

6.)    In order to ground the space and define your seating areas choose a colorful outdoor rug.  It will give the area more of the feeling that it is its own room and not just the patio you are sitting on.  We have chosen this colorful Cayman Outdoor Chevron Rug from Grandin Road.  This is a quick-drying, soft loop rug that is perfect for outdoor use.  We love the geometric pattern and the fact that it introduces color into the space.

7.)    Add some plant life to the seating area and introduce a new metal.  We have chosen these antiqued copper Column Planters from Grandin Road.  These are made of rust-resistant stainless steel and the copper finish adds another element to the space.  Plant some colorful flowers to add more color to space or plant some rosemary or lavender to add a relaxing scent to the area.

8.)    Your outdoor space should be more than just one seating arrangement, have some choices.  We have selected the Dansk Lounge chair from Gloster for a modern touch and seating around our fire pit.

9.)    Why not make the fire pit a work of sculptural art in your space.  To achieve this we have selected the Bonfire model from Modfire.  The Urban Bonfire is an extra-large unit that sits at 7’ tall and can be a real focal point in your backyard.  We love the modern lines and sculptural feel of this as well as the pop of color it adds to the space.  We would love to sit back with friends and make some smores around this.

10.) We added another planter to this list for its sculptural feel.  Place these planters around your space wherever you need more color and select your favorite flowers for planting.  This one is the Savanna Planter from Grandin Road.

11.) If you are like us you like to entertain in your yard when the weather is nice and sometimes you just might invite over more people than you normally have seating for.  This is why we have selected the Bright Orange Flux Chair from Flux furniture.  This is a foldable outdoor chair that is a lot more interesting than the typical folding chair that would normally come to mind.  When you have a few extra people coming over get these modern folding chairs out for extra seating and when you’re done fold it up and store it till your next get together.

12.) Any outdoor space needs lighting and we love a subtle light that adds to the space.  We found these Solar Glowing Globes from Grandin Road and think they are the perfect addition to any outdoor space.  These lights are Solar LED lighting that will work for 8 hours when fully charged in direct sunlight.  You can rest it on a table, stake it into the ground or float them in a pool or water feature.  These are a great addition to any outdoor space.

13.) Lastly add some pillows to your furniture.  It adds a more lived in feel and is the easiest way to add and switch up the color of your space.  We found the Peony collection from Grandin road and love the colors the pillows are offered in as well as the texture they add to the space.  The purple pillow pictured is the Peony outdoor throw pillow from Grandin Road.

14.) Peony Outdoor Lumbar Pillow from Grandin Road.

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