Chair of the Month

The Acapulco Chair in Turquoise

This month we have selected the fabulous Acapulco Chair.  As many of you may have figured out by now those of us here at F.I.N.D.S. are suckers for design from the’ 50’s and ‘60’s.  That may be part of the reason we have found this chair so fantastic.  Another may be that we are based in the scorching hot state of Arizona and this chair makes sense for our climate as well.  However, those are just a couple reasons this chair has been selected.  There are so many more that make it perfect for this month’s chair of the month and your outdoor living space.

The origin of this chair is a bit of a mystery, but legend says a French tourist who was visiting Acapulco in the ‘50’s was the creator of this chair.  The mystery tourist was so uncomfortably hot sitting on traditional solid outdoor chairs in the hot Mexico sunshine that he/she was inspired to design this chair based on the open string construction of traditional Mayan hammocks that were nearby.  As we said before, great idea for our hot Arizona sun as well, but the lines created by this method of construction make this a sculptural chair as well that will look good in any backyard, in any climate!

(image via Babble)

Produced in North America by Innit, they offer 3 different versions of the chair.  The traditional Acapulco Chair, the Baby Acapulco Chair, and the Acapulco Rocker, all guaranteed to provide comfort and striking design in your outdoor space.

The Acapulco Chair and Rocker are offered in 3 frame colors, black, white, and Chrome and the Baby Acapulco is offered in black and white.  This will allow you to select the frame color that best works with your outdoor space.  In addition to choices in frame color, you have 11 fun colors to choose from for the weave on all three chairs.  Your color choices are White, orange, red, black, pink, yellow, grey gray, blue, turquoise, cactus green, and purple.

Acapulco Chair Color Options
Acapulco Chair Color Options (Baby Acapulco frame not available in Chrome)(image via Innit Designs)

The color options alone make this a great choice for your space.  The chair itself is a piece of art and it will provide comfort to anyone who rests in it.  The best part is this chair does not have to be banished to the outdoors if you love it enough put one inside.  This chair would fit into any interior décor as well.  It is so well designed it can be used in a multitude of spaces and when you use this outside you truly are bringing the indoors out!

Acapulco Rocker used in the interior (image via Little Nudge)


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One thought on “Chair of the Month

  1. Innit Design has released a new version of the Acapulco chair, the “Africa Aca Chair”, designed and sold to help the Plan innitiative “Girls Take Home Rations”. This chair is sold exclusively on 1ofa100 in a limited version of 100 pieces: Due to the high benefactors matching each sold chair will make USD 245 available for the project.

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