Fantastic Furniture: Outdoor Hanging Chairs

This month we have selected some of the most fun furniture to add to your outdoor space, hanging furniture.  This is a great way to add a relaxing and fun element to any outdoor area.  It’s time to swing away.  Here are our top 4 favorites for hanging chairs/loungers for your outdoor space.

NestRest from Dedon

1.)    First up is the Nest Rest from Dedon.  We absolutely love this piece.  The NestRest is a hanging pod that is woven from strands of DEDON fiber.  It shelters you while you relax inside allowing for privacy, but you are still able to see out of the pod to enjoy the nature around you.  It is the perfect place to kick back and read a book when the weather gets nice.  Personally, we would love to be able to hang one of these over a pond and relax over water as you can see in some of Dedons promotional images for this piece.

SwingRest by Dedon

2.)    Next up we have the SwingRest also from Dedon.  We love the simple concept of the design for this lounger.  This open lounger can fit more than one person very comfortably.  It looks like the perfect place to take an outdoor nap on a lazy afternoon.  Although it does not appear to be as private as the NestRest, it is offered with an optional fabric curtain cover that can make shade and add privacy while still letting those inside see out.

Nest Hanging Chair collage
Nest Hanging Chair from Maffam

3.)    Next is the MANU Nest Hanging Chair from Maffam.  Not only do we love the lines and textured design of this hanging chair, but we love the material.  Each chair is handmade from Basalt fiber.  Basalt is a magmatic rock that renews itself quickly through volcanic activity.  The fiber is combined with an eco-resin to create these lightweight and durable hanging chairs.  The texture of the chair adds a sculptural element that is a great addition to any outdoor space.

Concept Suspendu Collage
Concept Suspendu Limited Edition Hanging Chair

4.)    Keeping with the sculptural feel we have also selected these beautiful hanging chairs from Concept Suspendu.  We just love the lines and the laid back feel of this hanging chair.  Each of the chairs is made from wood sourced in France and each piece is part of a limited edition.  All are numbered and signed.  It really is a work of art for your outdoor space.

So whichever chair you choose to add to your outdoor space you cannot go wrong with any of the picks we have listed here.  Each of these adds a fun, relaxing element to your space all the while doubling as a sculptural piece of art.

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