Decorigami – Foldable Outdoor Furniture

This month we are focusing on folding furniture that can be easily stored away on most days, but is stress-free to bring out of storage when it’s time to entertain.  We have selected 3 foldable and impressive pieces of furniture that can be brought out when there will be a few extra people occupying your outdoor space.  Not only are these stylish, but they are incredibly functional and very easily stored inside the house, garage, or storage area.  Some pieces are so impressive you may even want to use them indoors!

Flux Chair-Flux Pop
Flux Chair and Flux Pop

First up we have the Flux Chair and the Flux Pop.  If you are in need of some extra seating, but short on space this is the perfect options.  The chair is made of one cut sheet of sustainable polypropylene and is folded up into a neat flat package when not in use.  When the extra seating is needed just unfold the chair, connect a few pieces and there you have it.  Instant extra seating!  If you are in need of a few side tables to go with that extra seating then unfold the Flux Pop, also made of weatherproof polypropylene.  Place a few side tables around your outdoor area with the extra seating and you are ready to party! The Flux chair is offered in 8 fantastic colors (or if you want a smaller version offered in 6 colors for the kids then choose the Flux Junior) and the Flux Pop comes in 7 stylish colors.  When the guests have left and the cleanup is done just fold up your table and chairs back into their nice flat square packages and store them away until your next bash.

Rising Table
Rising Table (image via

If a larger cocktail table is more of what needs to be added to the space for your event then look no further.  All you need is the Rising table by designer Robert Van Embricqs.  This table starts with a (very storable) flat surface and then transforms into a stylish piece of furniture.  Nature and natural transformations are very much an inspiration for the design of this piece of furniture.  This will be a great conversation piece, it looks incredibly stylish, is well designed, and functional.  It is the perfect addition to your party.  It can be folded back flat to store when not in use.  I am pretty sure if it was mine I would use it indoors most of the time and just unfold it outside when needed.  It is almost too nice to put in storage!

Accordian Chair
Earth 16 (images via

Lastly, we have another option for seating.  This is a great choice if you need seating for many people, or maybe you would like more of a lounge like setup with your outdoor space.  The possibilities are almost endless with the Earth 16 (also offered in Earth 08) from Flexible Love.  This is a chair that can expand and contract to create many different options for seating.  It has an accordion and honeycomb structure that allows it to be folded, stretched, and molded into multiple shapes and seating configurations. It can seat up to 16 people! The best part is it is easy to do, just tug on the ends and move it where you would like.  In addition to this piece also being stylish and functional it is environmentally friendly to top it all off.  It is made entirely from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard paper and 100% post-industrial recycled wood waste.  It is the perfect piece to bring out at any party, and again it will collapse into a manageable size to store until your next gathering.

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