Decorigami – Holiday Helpers

This month we selected a few multipurpose furniture pieces that have the potential to make your holiday easier.  The items we selected will help you to accommodate the extra guests in your home over the holiday, but do not take up a lot of space the rest of the year.  We love being able to take a piece of furniture, fold or unfold it and end up with something that functions in a different way!

Biombo Folding Screen (image via Freshome)

First up we have the Biombo.  It is a folding screen that can then be separated and folded down to become extra chairs.  Use this as a room divider or to screen a corner throughout the entire year and then fold it into chairs when a few extra guests are over.

Convertible Sofa (image via Behance)

Next we like this Convertible Sofa we found on Behance from Julia Kononenko.  This piece can normally function as a small sofa, but then transforms into a small dining table with 6 padded stools.  We were thinking this would be a fun piece to set up for the kids table at Thanksgiving.  The kids could have fun helping unfold the sofa into their dining table and then there are the extra stools for them to sit on the rest of the day when they are not running around and playing.

Goliath Table (image via Resource Furniture)

The next space saver we found is the Goliath Console/Dining Table from Resource Furniture.  This table extends from just 17” to an amazing 115”.  It uses 5 extensions and an aluminum telescoping mechanism to extend to that length.  This can be used as a console table in an entry way and turned into a dining table for up to 10 people when needed.  We love how small it is when not in use and it has a great modern design as well.

Configured as a bookcase (image via Home Harmonizing)

Lastly, our favorite find can be used from the start of the day to the end of the night.  This multipurpose piece of furniture form Han’s Designs can be a bookcase on your wall on most days.

Configured as a desk (image via Home Harmonizing)

Transform it into a desk while planning your Thanksgiving event.

Use it as a table when guests are over (Image via Home Harmonizing)

When it comes time for dinner you can make it a table.

Configured as a bed (image via Home Harmonizing)

And after most the guests have left you may have a friend or relative still staying the night with you.  Once all is said and done and you can turn it into a bed.

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