Chair of the Month

Christopher Guy - Majestic Side

Seeing as how this month is all about the glitz and glamour we had to choose a chair from one of the most glamorous companies we could think of, Christopher Guy. If you are looking for elegant furniture then this company is exactly what you are looking for.  We love a great wing chair here at F.I.N.D.S. and when you take a  classic wing chair and give it a modern twist all while increasing the scale and size of the piece if takes on a dramatic new role in the room.  That is why we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Majestic from Christopher Guy.  Sitting at 71” high this high-back tufted wing chair is stunning with its grand scale and scroll details.  It is offered in a myriad of finishes and fabrics or you can use your own.  We would upholster ours in a rich antiqued gold velvet.  It would work perfectly in the same house as everything we selected for our Monthly Mood Board this month.  So splurge a little, or a lot and add this chair to that glamorous room you are creating.

Christopher Guy - Majestic


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