Textile Tuesday

A great way to add Glitz and Glamour to your space is through your choice of textiles.  Today we have selected a few of our favorites.  These selections will add a bit of elegance to your space with a rich, luxurious feeling.  All the selections will help to bring back the feel of Old Hollywood glamour.

Robert Allen Velvets
Soho Velvet in Fern, Isadora Velvet in Caviar, and Soho Velvet in Wine

First up we have textiles from Robert Allen. This company offers a large amount of velvets.  Nothing adds luxury and glamour like a nice velvet does.  Use it for upholstery, drapery, pillows, the sky is the limit.  We love velvet and use it whenever appropriate.  It is a soft fabric that can add a lot of texture and class to a space.  A few of our favorites are the Isadora Velvet, a Silk/Rayon blend with a gorgeous patterned design.  It almost reminds us of a Phoenix rising from the flames.  Another favorite is the Soho Velvet, a Viscose Rayon/Silk blend that offers a great texture.  Both these velvets are from the Drapeable Velvets book and would be suitable for drapery or upholstery.

Radiant Velvets
Robert Allen Radiant Velvets Collection

If you are looking to make a bolder statement with your velvet then look no further than the Radiant Velvet Collection also from Robert Allen.  This collection is offered in 30 bright and bold color choices.  You are sure to find a color for any décor in this collection.  It is a great option when choosing a luxurious fabric, but adding a modern twist to it with the bold, bright color.

Crackle Tendo in Silver/White

Next up we have a few glitzy choices we found on the Rose Brand Website.  Rose Brand is a company that provides theatrical draperies and production supplies for entertainment, schools, events, and exhibitions.  We found a few fun choices that could add some sparkle to your holiday events.  First up we have Crackle Tendo in silver/white.  We love this fabric as one to choose for the winter season.  It has glittering random highlights that give the effect of a wintery ice storm.  It would be the perfect addition to any wintery décor you have for the holidays.

Frazzle in Gold

The next fabric we selected from Rose Brand is Frazzle.  This is offered in Silver or Gold.  We are partial to the gold fabric.  It adds a warmer feel and a bit more pop of color to the space.  The metallic sheen is etched by half circle slits that track across the fabric.  Due to the cutouts there is a bit of a 3D peak-a-boo effect.  This would be great as draperies in any space.  It could also be used to cover closets without doors or separate a room.  If planning for an event, use it to block out spaces or define lounge areas.  It allows just the right amount of privacy with a bit of a glimpse in for those on the outside.

Shimmer Dot in Silver/White

Lastly, we had to pick one just for fun.  While looking at all the other textiles we came across the Shimmer Dot, also on the Rose Brand site.  This is a semi-sheer metallic fabric covered in 6mm Mylar sequins.  We just thought this was a fun addition and it definitely adds glitz to a space.  The main purpose for our choosing this would be as an addition to a New Year’s Eve or holiday party.  This would make a great backdrop for a DIY photo booth setup.  Nothing is more festive than the glitzy sequins for New Year’s!


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