Design Finds: Holiday Gift Guide for the Designer in your Life

Are you still searching for the perfect gift to get your designer friends and family?  Well look no further!  We have compiled a list of great ideas for the designers in your life.  We have a great selection of gifts coming in at under $100, a selection of fun tech items, and some splurge worthy items if you are feeling really generous this holiday season.  So read on for some great ideas and get ready to do some shopping and get everyone checked off that gift list!

Great Gifts Under $100

Tetris Cookie Cutters

1.)    Go ahead and play with your food!  Who wouldn’t want to when eating cookies made from these Tetris Cookie Cutters from Firebox?  Coming in at only $11.49 this is a great budget friendly gift for the designer (or even the gamer) in your life.

Constructible Drinking Straw

2.)    Once you are done playing with your food, keep the fun going with this Constructible Drinking Straw from the Moma Store.  Create your own straw twisting and bending it wherever you want, change it up each time you drink and have a great time.  With a cost of only $14.00 you can get one for each person on your list.

Reclaimed Bike Gear & Wood Bottle Opener Coaster

3.)    If your friends & family are into bikes or the environment then these Reclaimed Bike Gear & Wood bottle Opener Coaster a great gift.  This $15.00 gift from Uncommon Goods is the ideal stocking stuffer.

Scratch Map

4.)    A lot of design types draw inspiration for their work from travel.  I know I do.  Why not give them an interactive gift that they can use to keep track of the places they have visited.  Just scratch off each location when you visit and visually keep track of inspiring places.  Each Scratch Map is only $20.00 from Uncommon Goods.

The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

5.)    As a designer I am always completing tasks with the utmost precision.  You get used to cutting things perfectly and if that habit spills over into your cooking then The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board from the Moma Store is the perfect gift.  It has precise measurements on the board to make sure your cuts are exact.  $26.00 is a small price to pay for precision.

The Book Lamp

6.)    We love The Book Lamp from Animi Causa for only $26.99.  This is ideal for the designer that stays up late reading design books and magazines, but does not want to disturb others in the room.  It is a fun retro-styled book lamp that has the same look of the lamp many of us already have on our drafting tables.

Europe Scratch Map

7.)    Another great map from Uncommon Goods is this Europe Scratch Map.  Same idea as the map we listed in #4, but with a larger view of just European countries.  The ultimate gift for any lover of European Travel or friends abroad.  This map comes in at an affordable $28.00.

Scratch Map Deluxe

8.)    Now these are gifts for designers so if you think your favorite designer would think the map listed on #4 was not exciting enough then the Scratch Map Deluxe(also from Uncommon Goods) is the perfect gift.  This map reveals a bright pop of color beneath it when you scratch off the metallic foil.  This one comes in at a little higher price than the first map at $29.95, but it is worth it for the extra flair that comes with this map.  I want one of these for myself! Or do I want #4, I can’t decide!

Color Spectrum Travel Umbrella

9.)    There is nothing like adding a splash of color to a gloomy day.  The $35.00 Color Spectrum Travel Umbrella from Uncommon Goods is small enough to fit in your purse, but opens to a full umbrella with every color on the wheel displayed to brighten a grey day.

Pantone: The 20th Century in Color

10.) Speaking of color… Pantone The 20th Century in Color is a great book to get any designer in your life.  At $40.00 each it is filled with a tour of 100 years of color from the experts at Pantone.

ProductImage (1)
Pantone Starter Guide – Solid Coated & Uncoated

11.) Another great gift from Pantone would be the Starter Guide Solid Coated & Uncoated.  This gift will help start the pantone color library for your designer.  It helps to inspire creativity and match color accurately across many platforms in any part of the world.  At only $49.00 it is an affordable way to start your Pantone library.

Lego Architecture Fallingwater

12.) Lastly, topping the list at $99.99 (still technically less than $100) is the Lego Architecture series of Legos.  We love the Fallingwater model.  This gift is fun to build and will be a great model to set on the shelf at home or in you design office.  Nothing like a classic building made out of a classic toy from your childhood to add a little fun to the space.

Designer Tech Gifts

ProductImage (2)
Pantone Color Manager Software

1.)    The Pantone Color Manager Software ($49.00) is a great way to manage colors across all design programs.  It helps to ensure that the colors selected look the way you think they will when your finished product is produced.  It is a great tool to add to any designer’s life.


2.)    Even though the recipient wouldn’t get the actual gift till approximately February of 2014 after the companies Kickstarter orders are fulfilled this gift is well worth the wait.  The 3Doodler is a pen that uses plastic to “doodle” in 3D.  You can create amazing sculptures and 3D “sketches”.  This is a fun tool for any designer and at $99.00 each it is an affordable tool with a low price and a high fun factor!

Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen

3.)    If sketching on standard paper of sketchbooks is more your thing with 2D drawings, but you would like those sketches to be captured digitally then the Wacom Inkling Digital Sketch Pen is the perfect gift.  It’s a bit more at $239.99 from, but is still less than a digital tablet would be.  This pen stores hundreds of sketches on the Inkling receiver and you can then transfer them to your MAC or PC via USB.

If you would like to splurge a little:

ProductImage (3)
Pantone Color Specifier and Guide Set

1.)    If you like the Pantone Starter Guide from earlier, but would like to get a little more then go all out with the Pantone Color Specifier and Guide Set,  This set includes all 2,100 colors and all 175 new colors arranged in complete chromatic order.  At $595.00 this is a great gift for your favorite designer.

Giant 1227 Vivid

2.)    This last item makes the list simply because I would like someone to splurge on one for me.  The Giant 1227 Vivid light from Anglepoise is the perfect floor lamp to make an impact in any space.  I would love one for my office and one day will have this.  Offered in 3 eye-catching vivid colors this lamp will set you back just a little at 2,349.00 Euros.  We think it is a great investment in style for your space and the recipient will love you forever.

Now make your picks and get to shopping.  We have included links to all the items to ease the process and help you finish up your gift shopping that much faster.  Happy Shopping!

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