Holiday DIY – Last Minute Centerpiece

Since this month is filled with holiday events and Christmas cheer we are going to mix up our posts a bit and add a few last minute DIY ideas to help decorate your place for the holiday.  If you are anything like us, then you have a lot of extra Christmas ornaments and random decorations left over after you are finished trimming the tree, hanging the stockings, and putting decorations out wherever you can find room.  If you do not have extras, but are still looking to add a little more to your space now is the perfect time to do so.  Most of the craft stores already have all their Christmas merchandise on clearance.  I was at our local Michaels store just the other day and everything was already 70% off.  Now is the perfect time to pick up what you need to add those last minute touches.

Today we are going to tell you how to throw together a quick and easy centerpiece that will dress up your dining room table.


We used a mixture of ornaments that were left over after we finished with the tree.  I have had the vase in the middle for several years and usually change the contents of it with the seasons.  I originally purchased it from Crate and Barrel.  The two glasses on each end are actually “fish bowl” type glasses used when serving drinks meant for 2 people.  We filled each of these with a mix of ornaments.  Be sure to vary the colors, finishes, and decorations on each to add a little interest.  We even added different shaped ornaments to mix it up just a little.  Line these 3 glass vessels up on your table for the base of your centerpiece.  You do not want to add too much more so as not to clutter the space.  My boyfriend had the nutcracker and my brother’s girlfriend made the wine bottle snowman for us as a gift (isn’t it cute, if enough people ask I’m sure we can get her to tell us how to make it).  The smaller snowmen next to the wine bottle are actually plush ornaments, as well as the moose on the end.  I had two ball ornaments leftover that wouldn’t fit in the glasses so I just added those on the table.  All of this is set over a silver snowflake table runner that I can use all winter.

Lastly to dress up the chairs I tied a bow around each one to add just a little more to the space.  This is a quick way to use what you have and make a nice centerpiece.  If you do make a trip to the craft store for supplies pick up a few extra things while you are there.  Get yourself a wreath form, some ribbon, and some of the decorative picks for the wreath.  We just made a gorgeous wreath for the front door and will be posting the tutorial for it on Thursday!



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