Monthly Mood – Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.  We definitely enjoyed our time off these last few days.  In the spirit of the new year this month we are going to focus on New Years Resolutions.  We have made a few of the usual ones that we like to attempt every year ourselves, such as:

1.) Exercise regularly
2.) Eat healthy
3.) Get organized

We have also set a few that are more unique and specific to us:

1.) Grow our blog – we really want to expand our audience this year and gain more readers and followers.
2.) Grow the business – Gain more clients and projects this year.
3.) Finally get the business website up and running (setting deadlines on this one, it will be launching soon.)
4.) Take a look at the list of project ideas we have and start to tackle them and make it happen (possibly a fabric line in the works, open our Etsy store, etc.) Lots to pick from.

With that being said this month is focused on helping you actually keep the resolution you made this year.  Each post will be dedicated to tips and tricks and ideas to help accomplish those things that need to happen this year (or all the things you intend to do every year, but haven’t yet).  This is the year we stick to our resolutions.  Some will be tips on how we are keeping ours, but we would love to know what yours are.  Please comment below and let us know what your resolutions are this year.  We will be selecting some of the most popular ones along with our favorites to feature this month.  


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