New Year’s Resolutions – Get Healthy/In Shape

As promised we are going to help give you tips and tricks on how to finally stick to all those New Year’s Resolutions you made this year and possibly every year up to this year for a long time.  This is the year it will finally get accomplished though.  The most common resolution that is made is to get in shape and be healthier.  That is a really broad statement to make.  In order to actually stick to this one and finish out 2014 in the best shape of your life and healthy you will need to break that down into smaller, more specific goals that you can track and actually reach.  Although it is not specifically design, we figured this would be a great resolution to start with.  So here is what we here at F.I.N.D.S. are planning on doing to finally tackle the getting in shape/eating healthy goal.

It is a tested and proven fact that you are more likely to stick to working out if you are tracking your workouts.  To help with this we have put together a chart for you to track the exercises you do, how long you do them, and any notes or goals you have each month/week/day.  Here is an example of the first part of the month showing how we plan to use our chart.

Workout Log Example

We will be tracking the type of exercise we are doing.  It could be running, walking, boxing, yoga, etc.  Do something you love to do.  The more you enjoy your workouts the more likely you are to stick to doing them.  One of my favorite things to do is yoga.  I am going to make it a goal to do yoga at least 2 times per week in the month of January and then increase that as I accomplish that goal.  Another thing I love is boxing.  It is a great workout that burns lots of calories, builds strength, and is great cardio.  If you have the funds to go to a boxing gym or yoga studio that is a great way to go about it, if not then these can all be done at home.  I for one never stick to going to a standard gym and running on a treadmill.  I get bored with it and then stop going.  It doesn’t get me in shape and wastes money paying for something you are not using.  Another great idea if you prefer to workout at home is to use your video game system.  Most gaming systems these days don’t even need controllers to track your movements.  This makes a great workout tool in your home that you most likely already own.  I have a Wii and use an EA Sports personal trainer program and believe it or not it really does whip you into shape.  These are just some suggestions to do something a little different that make keep your interest so you continue to work out.

After tracking your exercise and time use the notes section to write out some goals or keep track of your weight.  We usually write the weight on there once each week, on the same day each week.  Add any other goals you may want, track days off, and pencil in rewards.  At the end of the second page for the month we have a place for you to put your weight at the end of the month, your new goal weight for next month, and a notes section for anything else you may be working towards.

Workout Log Example 2

As you can see we used this to write fitness and eating goals for the next month.  This would also be a spot to write in a reward.  Workout x amount of days and eat healthy and you get a night out, a new outfit, etc. If possible track your eating as well.  Just get a notebook and keep track of meals and snacks.  Add goals to this as well and slowly change your eating habits.  Start simple by committing to eating breakfast each day the first week, the next add fruits to one meal, the next add another change.  You are more likely to stick with it if you slowly change your habits.  Give yourself time to get used to each change before making another.  Just like with working out don’t be afraid to reward yourself if you stick to your eating habits.  If you have been good all week maybe you get dessert on Saturday night.  Also do not be afraid to take the holidays off.  One bad day of eating will not ruin everything as long as you are being healthy all the other days and yes we count Superbowl Sunday as a Holiday.

This is a basic start to those New Year’s resolutions, but it is the most common one made and the most common one not kept.  So take a look at our log then download the PDF here – Yearly Workout Log.  We went ahead and made the workout log for the entire year so you have no excuses.  We hope everyone gets going to get in shape and healthy with us this year.  Let us know how you all do and if the log ends up helping you stick with everything.  Happy Healthy New Year!


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