Design Tips – 5 Design Tips to Keep the Romance Alive

5 Design Tips to Keep the Romance Alive

Even though the romance of February 14th may be past that does not mean the romance has to fade completely.  There are simple ways you can add a little romance to any room of your house and keep it going all year long.

1.)    Color Scheme – The color scheme you choose for a room can help to add a little romance and relaxation, or romance and drama.  Romance does not have to be all pinks, purples, and reds.  You can choose the colors you love and still have a romantic feel to a space as long as the colors are paired correctly to give you the effect you desire.  Whether you love pale blues or yellows or go more for deep dark burgundies or even black, it can all be made romantic.  To get a more relaxing feel to the room go with an analogous color scheme.  This means to choose 3-4 colors that are located next to each other on a color wheel. The different tones of the same family will create a calming effect.   Looking for more drama?  Go with complementary colors, those that are located across from each other on the color wheel.  The bold contrast will create more drama in the space.

2.)    Furniture – Romance does not have to be frilly and girly.  It can be done so it has a feminine and a masculine quality to it.  The best way to do this is to choose furniture with soft curves and romantic lines to it.  French furniture like that featured in our February Monthly Mood Board is perfect for this.  Choosing more curvaceous furniture or even a few mirrored pieces sets the romantic tone of the room.  Then you can accessorize with more masculine accessories and keep the room comfortable for all who live in it.

3.)    Fabrics – Choosing the right fabrics can really help amp up the feel of the romance.  Do not be afraid to choose a modern floral fabric in a soft sheer or if your room is more dramatic go with patterned velvet.  Think luxury when choosing fabrics.  Silks, chenille, and velvet are all good choices.  (Check back on Tuesday for Textile Tuesday and our favorite romantic fabric picks)

4.)    Accents – Adding a little sparkle and shine to the space is a great way to up the romantic feel.  Pick a mirrored piece of furniture or a simple mirrored tray.  The mirror will help the light to bounce around the room indirectly giving more of a romantic feeling.  If you are not a fan of mirror something with a metallic or pearlized finish would work well too.  We are fans of a metallic gold finish on mirrors and accent furniture pieces.

5.)    Lighting – Lastly, it is all about the lighting.  You will want to create layers with your lighting.  Have soft accents in the way of wall sconces (a great place to add some sparkle).  Have control of your lighting by placing everything on dimmer switches or making sure your lamps use 3-way bulbs this way you can tone down the light in the room when you want to create a more romantic feel.  Keep the light soft.  Do not use harsh white light and nothing too yellow either.  A great trick for a bedroom is to line the lampshades with a pale pink fabric.  You will not notice the color change much, but the soft rose color will make everything and everyone look just a little bit better under that light.


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