This month we discovered some origami inspired, sustainable accessories and lighting for the home.  Each of the three items we have selected to feature is environmentally friendly by being made of sustainable or vintage materials and some of the products even help  people as well.

Paper Vase Cover

The first Item we found is The Paper Vase Cover.  Designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, this origami inspired vase can transform any empty bottle into an instant accessory.  The triangle structure of the coated paper makes it easy to fold and transform the shape to fit around any empty bottle.   The Paper Vase is being made in India in a workplace that the designer and the Tiny Miracles Foundation has opened.  This has given jobs to those from the Pardeshi community that are living in the slums of Mumbai.  Sales of these vases are helping the people of the Pardeshi community to build better lives for themselves and their families.

Orikomi Paper Lamp

Next we have the Orikomi paper lamp from Blaanc Borderless Architecture.  These are a series of beautiful folded paper lamps that are handmade in Portugal.  The lamps are made with minimal energy consumption and the design of the folds results in minimal material usage and little waste.  This lamp is helping the Adobe for Women Association.  Proceeds from the sales are going towards helping Mexican women construct their own houses.  In addition to the lamp itself being environmentally friendly, the Adobe for Women are focused on using sustainable construction to build the homes as well.  This product is helping people and the environment.  The best part is the lamps for sale in the Blaanc Etsy Shop are all under $100 which means they are affordable to everyone!

Origami Pillow

Lastly, we have the Origami Pillow we found on the Dear Emmeline Blog.  We love the texture the origami design of this pillow creates.  This makes the list because the original pillow on the blog was made using vintage sheets and thrift store finds.  You can even take this one step further and cover a pillow you already own.  It would be an instant update to your space without needing to use new materials.  Would you like to make one for yourself?  Then head on over to the Dear Emmeline Blog (Click here for the tutorial).


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