Time to Get Away: Dublin, Ireland

Time to Get Away - Dublin Ireland

We couldn’t think of any better place to escape to this month than Dublin, Ireland.  A gorgeous city packed full of great architecture, design, and people.  A few days spent here will be filled with good times, great sights, and new friends.  I only spent four days in Dublin when I visited and it was a jam packed four days of fun.  I cannot wait to make a return trip.

Time to Get Away - Dublin Architecture

Dublin is packed full of great architecture everywhere you look.  You do not have to seek out specific sights to experience it either.  All you have to do is look out a window or take a walk down the street.  Every hotel, hostel, shop, and pub has its own unique character and style.  Dublin really does have its own vibe that sets it apart from any of the other European cities I have visited.  I fell in love with all the doors while I was there as well.  Everywhere you look there is a great door with a fantastic patterned design and a glossy bright color.  This is just another aspect that helps to differentiate each building from the next.  Take a walk and get lost in the city.  There is something amazing around every corner.

Time to Get Away - Trinity College Dublin

If you would like to see a lot of great architecture in one place and take in some sights then plan your walk in the direction of Trinity College.  It is a gorgeous campus with amazing buildings and gardens all over.  While visiting you can also see an exhibition that explain the background to the Book of Kells and then head over to The Treasury where you can see two volumes of the Book of Kells on display.  If you love books then head to The Long Room.  It is the main chamber of the Old Library and is filled with 200,000 of the library’s oldest books in oak bookcases.  It really is a site to see.

Time to Get Away - St Patricks and Christ Church Cathedrals

The city is also filled with amazing cathedrals.  Two of my favorites were St. Patrick’s Cathedral (interior pictures of St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the top row above) and Christ Church Cathedral (exterior pictures of Christ Church Cathedral on bottom row above).  St. Patrick’s cathedral is amazing.  Take the time to really examine the architecture and all the detail that went into the vaulting of all the ceilings.  It is very dimly lit inside, but the sun looks amazing coming through the stained glass windows.  Make sure to get some great shots of the interior and all the flags hanging.  Christ Church Cathedral was actually just across the street from where we stayed.   Unfortunately it was being renovated at the time so we were unable to see much of the inside, but were able to get some gorgeous pictures of the exterior.  It was amazing that it was not raining that day.

Time to Get Away - Guinness Jameson Pubs

Lastly, a trip to Dublin is not complete without visiting the Guinness Storehouse.  Even if you are not a beer drinker this is a fun tour to take.  Unfortunately you do not get to go through the old brewery where they are actually brewing the beer.  However, you still get an amazing tour.  There is a very modern display on the process of how the beer is made and the history of Guinness itself.  It is done really well in almost a museum gallery style with displays, videos, and pictures along the walls.  Part way through you can take a break in the tasting lab and get a small taste of Guinness.  The best part is when you reach the end you finish up at the bar that is so high it overlooks the entire city of Dublin and beyond.  You really do get great views of the city and of course, a pint of Guinness.  If you are more of a whiskey drinker then the Jameson Distillery is for you.  This is another great tour you can take and actually see all the old equipment and learn how Jameson is made.  This tour concludes with a Jameson drink of your choice.  And if you were one of the lucky ones to be selected before the start of the tour then you get to participate in a whiskey tasting.  And if all that wasn’t enough you are never more than a couple of steps from a pub.  All the pubs are fantastic, but a couple of my favorites were The Foggy Dew and The Stag’s Head.  The Stag’s Head is back behind some buildings off the main road, but if you look for the mosaic logo on the sidewalk you just may stumble upon it as we did.  So as our cab driver told us the morning we arrived in Dublin, it’s a great city, with great people.  It does rain a lot, but when it does just duck into a pub till it stops and then go back out and explore.

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