Design Tips: 4 tips to Bring Spring Indoors

Better late than not at all with today’s blog post.  We had hoped to be back to normal and on schedule today, but that is not the case.  Recovering from surgery is taking more time and effort than initially thought.  Between resting, working on walking so I can get rid of the crutches, exercises to get my range of motion back, icing my knee to reduce swelling, and the pain pills, the blog has definitely taken a back seat this past week.  I am seeing improvement each day though and didn’t want today to go without a post.   It’s not what was originally planned, but unexpected circumstances make for some changes so this month we are just going to go with it.

This month is all about spring.  The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and we should all be outside.  I am stuck inside for the moment and I know some of you across the nation have snow today.  That is why we are giving 4
design tips to bring spring indoors.  So whether you are stuck inside or still just dreaming of spring these tips will help you bring spring indoors no matter where you are.

1.) Swap out pillows and accessories.  Add pillows in bright, vibrant colors or pastels to your sofa.  Swap out accessories and add more color to your shelves.  Brightening the room and adding more color will liven up any space and make it feel more like spring.  

2.) Switch out your draperies.  Get rid of dark heavy fabrics and replace them with cottons, linens, and sheers.  You want light airy fabrics that will move in the breeze. If you must have room darkening panels for light control and energy savings use a double curtain rod and layer a sheer fabric on top to soften the look.

3.) Bring the smells of spring indoors as well.  The best place to do this is the kitchen and dining area.  Plant a small herb garden with fragrant herbs such as, rosemary, lemongrass, and basil.  Herbs are easy to maintain and are great to have on hand when cooking.  Pick a stylish container and keep it a manageable size and you can use this as a spring centerpiece for your dining table.

4.)  Maybe you do not want to change your decor, but you still want to bring spring in for a day (especially if you are still seeing snow when you look outside).  Host an indoor garden party.  Fill your space with fresh frangrant flowers.  Put them everywhere.  Really transform your space and make it feel garden like.  The scent of the flowers will help it feel more like spring as well.  Serve light, fresh foods like salad, cold pasta salad, cucumber finger sandwiches,  and set out fruit and veggie trays.  Set up a beverage station with sparkling water, lemonade, iced tea, and a signature cocktail. Invite a few friends over to catch up and enjoy your homemade spring.


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3 thoughts on “Design Tips: 4 tips to Bring Spring Indoors

  1. The herb centerpiece is a great idea. I usually tend to think visual for a centerpiece, but having herbs that smell good makes a lot of sense to me. Going to have to try this.

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