Arbor Day DIY – Let’s Plant a Tree


This week has pretty much become Earth week and Arbor Day is tomorrow so we wanted to share some information with you all so everyone can plant a tree tomorrow.  We recently came across the Ponderosa Lemon Tree.  This tree is perfect for anyone, even if you do not have a lot of space or even a yard to plant a tree in.  This tree can be grown indoors or out (in warmer climates) and will grow just fine in a pot.  It will produce fruit through most the year and can grow lemons weighing up to 5 pounds!  The tree is a variety that is considered to be a dwarf tree so it will stay a manageable size for potting and to keep indoors.  Here are some tips so you can grow your own. 

1.)  Pick a stylish pot that is at least 10-12 inches wide and has drainage holes in the botttom.  Check the height to make sure it will fit the height of the tree you select with an inch or two left over for watering.

2.) Next you will need a soil mixture of one part potting mix, one part compost, and one part perlite or gravel.  Fill the bottom half of your pot with the mixture then place your tree on top and fill in the sides around the roots.

3.) You will want to give the tree a good initial soaking and make sure to keep it well watered while the plant is getting established.  You will want to keep the soil moist, but not saturated.  If the top couple inches of soil are dry it is time to water. 

4.) You will want to place your tree in a spot where it will receive 5 – 6 hours of sunlight each day.

5.) The tree can be fertilized during the year with a citrus fertilizer.  Do not feed it during the winter time when the tree is dormant.

6.) And now it is just regular maintenance of the tree . You may prune it to keep a nice shape if so desired.  The tree can be moved to a pot two inches larger than the pot it is in each year.  This will help to accommodate the roots as they grow.  Just a little upkeep and you will have fresh lemons on hand at all times. 

We will be planting our tree tomorrow and would love to see pictures and hear stories of from any and all of our followers telling us how they celebrated arbor day as well.  Happy Planting! 

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