Chair of the Month – The Empire Rocker

F.I.N.D.S. May Chair of the Month - The Empire Rocker from Nursery Works

This month we decided there would be no better Chair of the Month than a rocker.  What nursery is complete without a big comfy rocker for mom (or dad) to rock baby to sleep in and let’s face it you may even end up sleeping there a little yourself too.  That is why when you look for a rocker you want something that is large enough to be comfortable, but not too large that it overpowers or takes over the room.  Something with a high back for support and a nice comfortable cushion would be ideal.  Now there are a lot of rockers out there that offer comfort without style or a huge dose of style, but are lacking in comfort.  Why can’t you have both?

Well you can have both, with the Empire Rocker from Nursery Works.  This is an oversized (but not too oversized) rocker that even has childproof upholstery.  This rocker takes the form of a tufted classic wingback chair and has just the right amount of style, while still offering you the comfort and cleanliness you deserve.  It is offered in three microsuede fabric options.  The upholstery is done by hand so the chair stays wrinkle free forever, it is soft to the touch and the best part is the fabric is water and stain resistant.  It is the perfect addition to any classic or modern nursery.  This rocker will work in both!


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