Decorigami – Nursery Furniture that Transforms

Let’s face it, all the new furniture you end up needing for baby can add up pretty quickly, almost as quickly as your new baby is going to outgrow a lot of that furniture.  That is why we have selected a couple of items that transform with your child or have a dual purpose.  This way the furniture will last and last while your baby grows and grows.

Gro Furniture convertible Crib

1.)    The Bam B. from Gro Furniture – This is the perfect crib to suit so many purposes.  First it is a crib which can be adjusted to 2 different positions.  Next it can be a play table, then a toddler bed and when your toddler outgrows that it can be a desk.  In addition to its multiple functions it is made of solid birch ply with low-VOC, non-toxic finishes.  This will be a perfect addition to your nursery… toddler room… and more.

Ubabub Pod Crib

2.)    The Pod Crib from Ubabbub – We love the modern look of this crib and the fact that it incorporated clear acrylic sides into the design.  This allows for full viewing of baby at all times.  There are laser cut star shaped cutouts for proper ventilation.  This crib has multiple uses as well.  The crib has 2 height settings and can then be converted into a Junior Bed with the conversion kit.  The stylish modern look of this crib and toddler bed will keep it in style for years to come as your baby grows.

Nursery Works District Crib

3.)    The District Crib from Nursery Works – Another environmentally friendly option this crib is made from repurposing white oak from an Alabama train depot and the finish is a non-toxic, zero VOC, natural oil and wax based finish.  This makes for a stunning statement piece in the nursery when used as a crib and can then be easily converted into a full size desk.  So even if your child does not want it, this is a piece of furniture that is fit for the adults and you can use it yourself when baby has outgrown it.  We think it is great to have for future children as well.  Just use it as a desk until it is time for baby again and you will already have a stylish crib.

YiAhn Bassinet

4.)    YiAhn Bassinet – This piece of furniture is a lot of fun and is another one that has several uses for years to come.  From the moment baby is born you can use it as a bassinet.  Once your baby has outgrown that it is converted into toy bins and a bookshelf.  This will work in your child’s room for years to come.  But that’s not all, it can also be converted into a table and chair set.   We loved the versatility of this and that it also provided storage which you know you can never have enough toy storage.  This is also environmentally friendly being made from Plyboo bamboo plywood.

5.)    Koo by Sandrine Lebas – We love the simplicity of this dual purpose piece of furniture.  It starts as a bassinet and then makes an incredibly simple transformation into a rocker.  It is modern, clean and uncluttered.  It is a space that the parents and baby can share as needed which makes it a great addition for anyone short on space.


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