Time to Get Away: At Home Spa Day

Time to Get Away - At Home Spa Day - Studio Em Interiors - FINDS Blog

If we really think about it your chances of getting away to some far off location with a new baby around or really small kids is probably a lot smaller than it used to be and your need to get away is probably a little larger than it used to be.  So why not get away while staying exactly where you are?  Everyone could use a little rest and relaxation.  You just need to create the right atmosphere at home to escape from your daily routine without having to go too far.  The best part is there is no travel time and no planning (well mostly none).  This month we are going to tell you how to have an at home spa getaway.

Pick a spot in your home that will be yours and yours alone for a few hours.  We suggest to start with the bathroom (whichever one has a bathtub) and then move into your bedroom.  Start by getting everything ready and set up so you are not doing any prep work once you begin your relaxation.  Set up some candles next to the tub and all the scrubs and soaks you will use while in the tub, pick some relaxing music and get that ready to play.  In your bedroom grab a book or magazine, something you like to do that is relaxing but you don’t usually make time for.  NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES and NO CELL PHONES!  It is time to unplug and just relax.  Make sure to have some water nearby.  You can even add some cucumber or fruit if you like for flavor.  Anything to make it feel more like you are at a luxurious spa.  Grab a fluffy robe or some really comfortable clothes and lay them out on the bed for after your bath.  Now most importantly have someone watch the kids for a few hours with strict instructions NOT to interrupt you.

In the bath you will want to relax, detox, and scrub so you emerge renewed and with silky smooth skin.  After your bath you will want to take some time for yourself, read a good book or even take a nap so you emerge from your day relaxed and renewed.

1.)    Start by washing your hair and then covering it in coconut oil.  This is a great deep conditioner.  We like to coat the hair really well then put on a shower cap and wrap up your head with a hot towel (I usually wet the towel then zap it in the microwave to warm it up).  Do this while your tub is filling.  Now make sure to dim the lights, light the candles, and grab yourself a glass of wine, tea, or water.

2.)    Prep the bath water.  Pick whichever method you love to use.  Pick out your favorite bubble bath, create a stress relieving detox bath, bath bombs, or even some bath teas.  It is your choice; choose what will help you the most.  Check out our At Home Spa board on Pinterest for DIY instructions for all kinds of bath bombs, soaks, and teas.

3.)    Now it is time to hop in that tub and take care of your skin.  I love using homemade sugar scrubs to slough off all the dead skin and smooth rough patches.  If you do not have time for the homemade route go out and pick up a sugar scrub.  I love the ones offered by Victoria’s Secret, they work wonderfully and they smell amazing.  After scrubbing off your skin don’t forget about your lips, use a scrub on those as well.  Then sit back, relax, and let the oils soak in and make everything silky soft.  (our favorite homemade scrubs are also on our At Home Spa Board on Pinterest)

4.)    You will want to sit back and close your eyes.  This is also the perfect time to soothe those tired eyes.  This can be done with chamomile, green, or black tea, cucumbers, even egg whites.  Cover those eyes and just relax for the next 20-30 minutes and don’t forget to start that relaxing music to drown out any other household noises that you are supposed to be ignoring right now.

5.)    After your soak rinse off well, but do not use soap, just towel dry and continue to let the oils set in.  Slather yourself in your favorite scented lotion.  You can even warm the lotion up before applying it for added benefits.  Now put on something comfortable or that robe you laid out on the bed and curl up with a good book or magazine.  Take the next hour to sip that flavored water, wine, or tea and just relax with some me time.  If you want to take this time to do a foot soak or a face mask we have some great ways to do that with ingredients you may have on hand on our At Home Spa Pinterest board.  If you have time feel free to do your nails or don’t and just relax.  The point is to take the next hour (at least) or two and just stay locked away for some ME Time.

6.)    Once you are done with me time you will want to make sure to wash off any masks or additional scrubs and rinse the coconut oil out of your hair (this you could leave on overnight if you like).  Now get to bed or take a nap (depending on the time of day) and when you finally emerge from your room you will be refreshed, renewed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day again!

The point of the at home getaway is to take the time for yourself to relieve that stress and get relaxed.  Plan if you have to just like you would with a vacation.  This is just an inexpensive way to get away without the time and cost of an actual vacation.  Not all of us can afford to get away super frequently or maybe we just don’t have the time or vacation time from work to do so, but everyone can schedule an afternoon to get the same results that a getaway helps give.

Again, check out our At Home Spa Pinterest board for all the at home recipes for the bath soaks, teas, and bath bombs, along with sugar scrubs, lip scrubs, and face masks.  Choose the scents you love and the recipes suited to what you need and plan your At Home Spa Day today!


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