Textile Tuesday – Leather for Walls      

FINDS - Leather for Walls - Garrett Leather Wall Tiles

This month we are skipping our usual fabric textiles and replacing it with a manlier item.  Leather!  Even better we don’t just want to use the leather to upholster a chair, bench, or ottoman.  We are using it in a way that adds a very masculine feel to the room.  It should be added to the walls.  I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I love to use a different type of treatment on the walls, paint in a fun pattern, wall covering, wood, you name it, if it is different and creative then I love it.  I can’t say the same for my other half.  Although he loves creative things as much as I do, some of the patterns and ideas are just a little too feminine for a guy to jump on board with.  Seeing as how this month is all about a space strictly for men and men only we found a way to dress up a wall, add a great design element, and skip anything girly.

I love the idea of putting leather on the walls.  There is nothing feminine about it when you choose the right type of tiles and leather.  The idea of putting it on the wall came after thinking about using leather tiles on the floor or as a rug.  My brother has his own man room at his home and a leather rug would be a great element, but he loves dogs as much as I do, especially big dogs and the leather on the floor just isn’t going to hold up to the nails of a giant dog running around so we had to come up with another idea.  Add it to the walls.  There are countless options, colors, patterns, and textures that can be incorporated.  Choose one wall and make it the focal point of the room or go for a dark, vintage smoking room look and add it to all the walls.

A great a place to start is to hop on over to the Garrett Leather site and take a look at what they have to offer and peruse through their downloadable brochure.   Garrett offers wall panels in different sizes, styles, and hundreds of colors and textures from all the leather that they offer.  You can choose a more traditional leather look, add some texture with hides that still have the hair, or go super soft with sheepskin (although we do not think many men will choose that option).  The tiles are all completely custom to fit any application you wish to put them in.  You can even add decorative stitching to some.  The possibilities are endless.  So take a look at the site and then give your designer a call to see about sprucing up your man space.

Comment below to tell us what which tiles are your favorites!

FINDS - Leather for Walls - Garrett Leather Steerhide Torino Pandoro White

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3 thoughts on “Textile Tuesday – Leather for Walls      

  1. I also have to say that another company who has AMAZING leather for walls is Keleen Leathers! It’s called KLAD. Thanks for this post! What’s more beautiful than leather walls..mmmmmmmm!

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