Father’s Day Gift Guide – Gifts to Enhance the Man Cave

I realize Father’s Day is only a few days away, but let’s face it, you know some of you are still struggling to pick out the perfect gift.  Maybe the sky’s the limit and maybe you are on a budget.  We have a range of ideas that are sure to sound great for a lot of Dads out there.  The best part is all of our picks will make perfect additions to his man cave.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Etched Glass Gift Basket

1.)    A Gift Basket – This is what I have done for my father.  The ideas started when I found this tutorial for DIY Custom Etched glasses on WhimseyBox.  However, I wanted the gift to be more than just some glasses so I’m making a box of great stuff for dad to hang out, watch movies, snack and have a beer.  I picked up 2 great guy movies, some snacks (cheddar & ale pretzels, bacon popcorn, and spicy peppered nuts all found at Cost Plus World Market), a bottle opener, and I custom selected a six pack of beer at Total Wine.  If you ask me, the list can stop here because this is the perfect Dad gift.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide -Game Day Tickets

2.)    For the Sports Fan – Maybe your dad loves sports, so hop on over to Stub Hub and grab some tickets to a game that you can both attend.  A gift for dad that includes some quality time spent together.  Need a way to gift this to him if you don’t have the tickets yet?  Make a printout with all the details of when and where and frame it for him.  When you go to the game snap a pick of the two of you enjoying the day and use the frame for that picture after the game.  Dad can hang it on the wall in his man cave and remember that day forever!

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Wooden Craft Beer Growler Carrier on Etsy

3.)    For the Guy who likes to watch the game at home – Maybe you want to stay in and watch the game with some friends and your Dads favorite beer.  Grab a Wooden Craft Beer Growler Carrier from Reimagine Upcycling on Etsy.  Then go and fill a couple growlers with your Dad’s favorite local craft beer (here in AZ we would be filling our Growlers at Four Peaks Brewing Company).

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Personalized Portland Growler

4.)    For the Craft Beer Lover – Maybe your Dad needs a fancy Growler of his own.  You can get him this Personalized Portland Growler from Red Envelope.  Now he can get his beer in style.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Audio Technica AT-LP60USB Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable with USB Port

5.)    For the Music Lover – This is for the music lover who still has his collection of records he used to listen to.  Get him a stylish turntable to add to his man cave to keep the music playing while hanging out with the boys (or you).  We love the sleek masculine look of this Audio Technica Turntable we found on Amazon.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Krave Jerky Sample Pack

6.)    The Dad who loves to Snack – If Jerky is on that list of things that dad loves then think about getting him a variety of awesome flavors.  You can do just that with sampler packs from Krave Jerky.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - Moran Woodwork Furniture Charred Conical Lamp

7.)    The Stylish Dad – Maybe dad needs a stylish addition to his man cave.  I am an interior designer so I must include a stylish addition to Dads room.  Some masculine lighting that isn’t a beer bottle chandelier, a neon light, or some beer sign, but an actual stylish lamp that is as masculine as they get.  We love the Charred Conical Lamp from Moran Woodworked Furniture.  We love the charred look of this lamp base, but it still has a clean stylish feel to it.  The perfect addition to Dads space.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide - The Beard Pack from Sams Natural

8.)    The Beard Man – Last, but not least, although this won’t make Dads man cave more stylish it will help make him more stylish when he is in it.  Get him the Beard Pack from Sams Natural.  This is a must have for men with facial hair.  It includes a large bottle of Beard Oil, Whisker Wash, and a moustache wax.

FINDS - Fathers Day Gift Guide -Big Red Beard Combs Timber Kit

If Dad takes his beard grooming really seriously then think about adding a Big Red Beard Comb to the mix.

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