5 Tips to Design the Perfect Home Bar

Well we promised you some tips on how to design the perfect bar for your man cave (or really any other room in the house) in our Monthly Mood Board this month.  So get ready to dream big and design something you will really love to show off.  The best advice we can give is that you can go as big or as small as you want with a home bar.  Don’t be afraid to have something that is really elaborate if you have the space for it.

5 Tips to Designt he Perfect Home Bar - More Elaborate Bar
Cabinetry by Ken Leech (image via)

And don’t be afraid to do something small, but with style if you are short on space or do not want to make the bar a focal point

5 Tips to Design the Perfect Home Bar - Stylish Bar Cart
(image via)

And don’t be afraid to make a bar if you are not into drinking alcoholic beverages, a bar can be anything you like to have.  Make it a soda bar, a juice bar, a smoothie bar, you pick the beverages you love to drink and serve and make it your own.  A bar doesn’t always have to include alcohol.

Tips for the Perfect Home Bar:

1.)    Determine where the bar will be – really think about how much space you have to build a bar in.  This will help you determine if you can design something with a back bar and counter for people to sit at while you amaze them with your bartending skills, a smaller wet bar against one wall, or maybe you just have room for a small, but stylish bar cart.  Really think about how much space you want to give to the bar and how much of a focal point you want it to be in the room.

5 Tips to Design the Perfect Home Bar - More Simple Home Bar
(image via)

2.)    Decide how you want to use the bar – Now that you know how large you can make your bar you need to think about how you want to use the bar.  What types of drinks do you drink or like to serve when you entertain.  If you are more of a beer drinker maybe think about installing a beer tap or at least make sure you have refrigeration so the beer is always cold.  Is wine more your thing, then a wine rack or wine refrigerator.  If you like mixing up cocktails make sure you have shelves for liquor.  You will want some type of counter space or prep surface as well if you need a blender or just space for mixing drinks and setting out glasses to fill for your guests.

3.)    To DIY or not to DIY – Now that you know what size the bar will be and how you intend to use it, it is time to decide if you will be doing this yourself, getting help from a contractor, buying a ready-made bar from a store, or maybe just rehabbing a vintage bar cart.  Breathing new life into a vintage piece is a popular choice these days as is DIY, but really think about how much time you have and be honest about your DIY skills.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a designer or contractor if you need it.

(image via)
(image via)

4.)    Decide what “equipment” you will need – Plan out the right amount of space for whatever type of glassware you will need.  If there is nowhere to refrigerate things then allow space for a tub with ice to keep drinks cold so you are not always running back to the refrigerator.  If you are more of a juice or smoothie drinker buy some fun glass pitchers or bottles to serve from.  You can even have a make your own bar and put bowls of fruit out with some mixers to make your own smoothies, juices, etc.

5.)    Time to Entertain – If you want to be the star of the show and have a large bar you can play bartender behind that is great and maybe you won’t want your guest back there serving themselves, but if you want to be out mingling and enjoying your party without being the bartender then make it easy for guest to serve themselves.  Put all the tools they would need front and center at the bar.  Invest in some matching glassware, a nice set of cocktail shakers and tools, and some matching bottles that you can put mixers in.  Bottles you can see through are the best choice then you can wander by the bar every now and then and make sure they stay full throughout your party without having to man the bar all night.


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