Textile Tuesday – fashionABLE + ALT

Click on the image to Vote!
Click on the image to Vote!

We normally feature great textiles for your home, but this month we are going to feature something great that you yourself can wear.  In addition to making you look fabulous you can help vote for your favorite and in the process do some good in the world.

If you have not heard of them, fashionABLE is a company that helps to create sustainable business in Africa.  They work with women to help them improve their lives.  The scarves that you will be voting on are hand woven in Ethiopia by at risk women.  The goal of this project is to help provide a means of income to these women while getting them off the streets as well as helping to provide counseling they may need.  If you would like to know more about this or read about the history of fashionABLE in more detail you can read about it HERE.

Today we are featuring the finalists for the design contest they ran with ALT last month.  There were over 100 entries and these 3 lovely designs are the finalists.  They sent 10 designs to Ethiopia to be produced and chose the finalists from those.  Now it is up to everyone else to finish helping.  Your vote will help select which scarf will put into production and go on sale.  You have until midnight CST on August 21st to vote and the winning scarf will then be announced in 2 weeks when it goes on sale!  So click HERE to cast your vote today!






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