DIY DAY – Whimseybox!

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox Review

I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail, especially when it is something really fun.  So I was incredibly excited when I found out a Whimseybox had been sent my way.  If you have yet to hear of Whimseybox you absolutely must check them out.  The website itself is a great source of inspiration and soooo many DIY ideas.  If you are feeling creative, but do not know where to start their website is a great way to spark some creativity.  Not only will you find great DIY’s, but you may discover some new blogs in the process as a lot of projects link to the blogs that originally posted them.  Lastly, if you are looking for supplies for those projects they have those too!  Everything you could imagine to complete all the projects you find.

I know looking at the website is great and I am sure you will spend time pinning all your great finds with every intention of getting to each and every one of those projects.  Right?  I know I am guilty of that sometimes.  Maybe you just need something to get you going.  Then get a subscription.  For the low amount of $15 you can have your very own Whimseybox sent right to your door every month.  It will have that month’s DIY project and every last thing you will need to make it, down to the instructions.  This idea I love and here is why.

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox Quote

The anticipation of receiving the box and not knowing what will be inside is a huge part of what makes it so fun.  It’s like a little surprise every month getting to find out what your project will be this time.  The second part is the variety.  Sometimes we get stuck doing a lot of the same things, working with the same materials and don’t branch out and try new things as much as we should.  A Whimseybox is just what you need to introduce you to things you may not have decided to work with otherwise.  This brings us to my Whimseybox, the Faux Agate Jewelry box.

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox Art

Just opening the box was exciting.  The first thing I see is a quote about creativity and then a lovely image of two flamingos.  The “Pink Flamingo Love” art is by Mallory Kozlowski (you can find her Etsy shop at  As I was saying before this box may get you working with a material you don’t normally use.  In this case for me, it was polymer clay.  The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I was able to successfully complete the project in an afternoon with no problems at all.  I even added my own addition to the project.

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox - Includes everything you need for your project

The box came with everything needed to make a necklace and a pair of earrings.  After making those elements I had some clay leftover.  I used the same method as I used to make the earrings but made the gem like shapes larger.  I then took those shapes and glued 4 of them to bobby pins to create a new hair accessory.  I even have clay leftover that I plan to do something creative with.  Even though I had never worked with clay before it was actually a lot of fun and I plan to look into more projects I can use the clay for.

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox  - Project in progress

All that being said I am sure you have guessed that I absolutely loved my Whimseybox and cannot wait to get another!  I highly recommend you all try it, or if you have a crafty friend, give it as a gift!

FINDS - DIY DAY - Whimseybox - Project Complete

To find this Whimseybox Kit, instructions for this project and other projects using polymer clay visit


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