November Monthly Mood Board – Thankful for…

November Monthly Mood Board - Thankful For...

This month we are going to take the time to recognize all the things we should be thankful for.  The end of the month gives us Thanksgiving Day to celebrate with friends and family and think about all we are thankful for, but really this is something we should be doing more than one day a year.  So this month we are going to focus on all those things we are thankful for and we are even going to go over ways to incorporate those things into your daily life and your décor.  We should all take more time each day to reflect on and appreciate some of the things that make this life so wonderful.  Here is just a small sampling of things we are thankful for each day.

  • Family and Friends – Love them or hate them, you know you really love them. It is great to be able to spend time with people you care about, to take time out of your schedules to just be with each other and make new memories.  This is something we should do on more occasions than just a holiday or a birthday.  So if you have a friend or family member you have been meaning to call, do it this week.  Don’t wait to send a Christmas card or for a Happy Birthday call, do it this week.  Make a point to stay in touch with your family, you only get one and start to reconnect with those old friends you miss (especially if you don’t even remember why you don’t talk as much anymore).
  • Pets – Your pet is probably the only one who will always, always love you no matter what and even if they get a little mad because you went out or on vacation, it is the only relationship you can fix by going for a walk and giving them a treat. So take time each day to appreciate your pet, throw the ball around the backyard, take them for a walk, or just spend some time on the couch petting them while watching TV.  Do something your pet likes to do each day.  You are what makes their lives fantastic.
  • Good Health – This is one we can all improve on all the time and guess what. We do not have to wait till New Year’s to make that get healthy and exercise resolution we make every year and never stick to.  Start now.  Make an exercise plan and eat healthy.  If we eat healthy now, then when we eat like crazy on holidays it won’t be so bad.  Get exercise in now (maybe on a walk with that pet we just talked about).  If you get in the habit of exercise now then by New Year’s you will already be doing it and maybe 2015 will finally be the year we all actually keep that resolution.
  • For Other People that Make your Day Better – This could be the barista at your local coffee shop that remembers your order each day and makes it perfectly, the cashier you always go to at the grocery store each week, the waiter or waitress at dinner, or the sales associate that helps you find what you want while shopping at a store. Most of these people who make each of your days better are also the people who end up working on the holidays when they should be home with their families.  So take the time to appreciate them whether that’s to tell them what a great job they are doing, leaving an extra-large tip for the holidays or by telling someone’s employer what a great job they are doing.  Most people will complain, but few stop to tell places what a great job their employees are doing.  Take the time to help makes someone’s day a little bit better, especially during the stressful holiday season.
  • Travel – Be especially thankful if you have the means to travel a lot and to far off places. Those are experiences and memories you will cherish forever.  If you can’t get so far away from home,  still make a point to travel close to home.  Travel within your own state, take a day trip.  I have lived in Arizona my entire life and there is still a lot within my own state I have never seen or done.  You can always find something new to experience so get out there and do it!  Also, be thankful for travel if you have family that lives far away because travel is what makes it so you can all be together on the holidays.
  • All the things you have – No matter how much or how little you have take the time to appreciate it because there is probably someone out there who has less.

Take the time to appreciate your significant other and each day you are given.  Make a point to help make other peoples days better through this holiday season that we all know can get so crazy.  And if you are updating your décor before the holidays take the time to start incorporating the things that make life so great into the mix.  It will personalize your space and make it uniquely you.  Wondering how to do that?  We will be giving you tips all month long.  Now go make your day and someone else’s awesome!

Now it’s your turn.  Comment below and tell us what you are thankful for.


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