Let us Reintroduce Ourselves…


It’s the beginning of the year and we have some changes here at F.I.N.D.S.  We have also decided it is time to update our about page and make it a lot better than it was.  On Tuesday we shared with you 5 Tips for an Improved and Interesting About Page and today we are announcing our changes and debuting our new and greatly improved about page that you will now see here on the blog.

For starters, Robin Leach-Bowling has moved on to work in Real Estate.  If any of you are in the Phoenix area and are looking for a new home or are ready to sell the home you have, give her a call.  She will do a great job for you.  Robin can be contacted at:

Phone: 480-390-8548

Email: robin.leachbowling2@gmail.com

Website: http://robinhomesearch.com/

The next change is that we are finally giving some credit where credit is deserved and introducing you all to Noah Ehlert.  He is an auctioneer by trade (and a great one at that, 2013 Arizona State Champion Auctioneer!), but he is also very creative and is always helping with ideas and DIY projects that we do.  He is going to continue on helping with creative ideas and DIY projects as we move forward this year.

So please hop on over to our About Page and take a look at the new and improved look.  You can learn a little more about us and we have finally included pictures!  So you can now put a face to the names.


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