Quick Updates for Twitter & Instagram

This week we will be continuing to update our online accounts.  We promise to get back to all the fun design stuff we normally post as soon as we have updated our online presence and fully introduced ourselves to everyone.  This week we will be updating our Twitter and Instagram Profiles.

We would love to go into detail on each of these topics, but really, we are not experts on either one and are trying to improve our pages as we go.  For our Twitter page we are going to take into account the tips that we shared with you last week regarding updating your Facebook page.  We think our cover photo and profile picture are important features from Facebook that can be translated over to our Twitter profile as well.  It is important that each of the profiles represents your brand.  You will want to be recognized across all the different platforms that you use, which is why it will be a good ideas to use some of the same imagery for your Twitter account that is used on your Facebook account.  You will want to revise the sizing of the images to match the recommended sizes for Twitter, but keep the images similar enough that they are recognizable.

Have you ever had anyone ask you what your elevator pitch is?  That quick, couple sentence description that fully describes you and your business that you can quickly give to a person in a hurry to introduce yourself and what your business is, now is the time to use that.  Twitter only allows you a short description of what you do so you need to word it in the best possible way to get the most amount of information across in a short amount of space.

The same is true for Instagram; you can use a similar description of yourself and what you do on this as you do on Twitter.  If you are using only one Instagram account for both personal and business you may want to revise it slightly to convey that it is used for both.

I only have one Instagram account which is more business than personal, but I still post more personal pictures on it than I would on any other business page.  For this reason, I will be using a headshot of myself as my profile picture vs. just using the company logo as I have on both our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Once you get to a point where you are updating or creating multiple accounts for the same business, really look back and reference the pages you have finished.  Make sure that if one person were to visit all of you pages, there would be cohesion between them all.  You want each page to represent you and your brand.  They all need to do that and look like they belong together, not look like you have separate businesses.

So go ahead and take a look at our Twitter and Instagram accounts and see how they look now and then check back on Thursday to see how we made a few little changes to each one in order to update everything and make it all more cohesive with what Studio Em Interiors is all about.


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