We Updated our Twitter & Instagram Pages! Take a look!

Studio Em Interiors

Today is the day we have updated Twitter and Instagram pages.  We used all the tips we have been sharing all month and applied them to all of our social media accounts.  We have actually seen a huge increase in traffic just from completing a few simple updates.  It has been an amazing change (that we wish we had found time to do sooner)!

So please hop of over to our Twitter page and give us a follow, as well as on Instagram we would love to connect with you on all platforms.  We would also love to have you sign up for our newsletter.

Again, starting in February we will be back to normal with all our posts on design and everything fantastic we can possible find.  We thought it was important to share with you how we were going about updating our pages and letting everyone see the before and after changes to each profile.  Over the last year we gained a lot of new followers and thought this would be the perfect time to really introduce ourselves.  It is the start of the New Year and we plan to start it out organized.  So hang in there with us for another couple of days.  We will be revamping our Pinterest page next Tuesday and then Thursday is the day we have all been waiting for.  The official Studio Em Interiors website is being launched!  It’s a big day and we are busy putting all the finishing touches on everything.   We cannot wait to share it with you!


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