Hello September!

Hello September - F.I.N.D.S. Blog - Studio Em Interiors

We are back!  Where in the world did August go to!?  Things have been crazy around here and a lot of work has been happening.  Because of that the blog took a back seat for most of the month of August.  We are sorry for that, but we are ready to get back at it with some more regular posts for the month of September.  We promise to get our regular Tuesday/Thursday post schedule back to normal in October.

This month we are focusing on collaboration and inspiring each other.  I recently participated in the #risingtidechallenge on Instagram and it was a really fun experience.  I gained several new followers, started following several new and inspiring accounts and made a few connections along the way.  The main message that The Rising Tide Society is putting out there is Community over Competition.  I for one think this is something we really need to embrace.  The more connections I make with creatives the more motivated and inspired I become in my own work.  Not to mention all the things we can all learn from one another.

So this month we are going to have a couple new guest posters participating.  This way you all can meet someone new, learn what they do, and hopefully make some new connections of your own.  So keep checking back all month and we promise you will find someone new you like too!

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