December Monthly Mood – Year in Review

Hello Readers!  A lot happened last month that derailed the blog yet again.  We had planned to share more of our Europe trip and some travel tips with you all, but after all the horrible events taking place all around the world recently we chose to stay silent for a bit and wait to share those things with you this month.

So this month we will continue what we started last month.  This month is all about our year in review and the highlight of that year was travel.  We will be sharing details of our fabulous trip to Paris, France!  More than just the story of how we got engaged (but mention of that will be thrown in there of course, how could we not?).  We will share our tips on how you can plan a big trip like ours yourself and how to plan something with other people and still make sure everyone gets to do all the things they want to while traveling.    I will tell you how to take your new found plan a trip with others skills and apply that to your home to  help you mix styles and wants for your space with another person.  We all know how difficult that can be.  Then we will share some more about our trip, sharing our trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany and our trip to the Alps to see castles in Hohenschwangau, Germany.

We just had photographs taken of one of our fabulous projects that  wrapped up recently and we will be starting a new feature here called Project Spotlight and I will share details of my latest project that just finished up.  Hope all of you find a few minutes to take from your busy end of year/holiday schedules to check back in with us throughout the month.  Happy Holidays!


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