Excitement at Studio Em Interiors

Hello Everyone, we are continuing to make sure we get to  create this year.  This has been an exciting and hectic last few days here as the office is getting redone!

That’s right, some new (and much faster) equipment and a completely new space which will be organized to perfection once I am done with it.  This is going to allow me to get work done at lighting speed.  Which will free up some more time for more projects.  Remember when we talked about being able to create this year, well this is the start of making that happen.

This week is going to be spent reorganizing the entire office and getting everything set up.  I cannot get over how much room I now have to work.  I had a custom designed desk delivered last week and it is a dream to work at.  How I functioned with my setup before is amazing.  I did it, but I am so glad to be  able to upgrade the work space a bit this year and really take on 2016!

Pictures of the new office will be coming soon!  We will do a whole post on what we did.  We may even share a few photos of the disaster the office used to be.  Not everyone’s office is Instagram worthy and this one certainly was not, but it is about to be and we will share all the details with you once it is done!  Now I have to get back to work making this place look and feel fantastic!

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