Heart of the Home

February is a month that celebrates love.  Something a lot of people will be doing this weekend.  Rather than obviously celebrating Valentine’s Day here at F.I.N.D.S. we want to celebrate the home.  They say home is where the heart is and we here at F.I.N.D.S. and Studio Em Interiors believe the heart of the home is the kitchen. 


Think about it.  We spend a lot of time in our kitchens.  We start the day there making breakfast, prepping meals, and packing lunches for the kids and ourselves before heading to school and work.  For a lot of people, you come home and gather in the kitchen.  As a child I always came home from school and went to the kitchen to grab an after school snack.  We prepare dinner in the kitchen and often gather around a kitchen table as a family to eat dinner and talk about our days.  When friends and family are over more often than not everyone gathers in the kitchen.  It’s a meeting point, a place we make memories, the heartbeat of the home and this month we are celebrating that.

This month we will be sharing a kitchen mood board featuring some of our favorite and most stylish appliances, our favorite kitchen products, and tips and tricks to make the most of your kitchen space, along with things to think about before starting a kitchen remodel.  A lot goes into designing a kitchen and we want to make sure you all have a great one!


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