2017 Word of the Year - Learn

2017 Word of the Year

Last year I chose Create as my word for the year and create is what I did.  I dove into extra classes and looked for extra projects.  I created all of the save the dates, invitations,and any other paper goods for my wedding and a couple others.  I created all the signage for my wedding as well and went crazy with details when creating the seating chart and custom “vintage” postcards from our travel pictures to use for our guest book.  It was a fun year of creativity and discovering new things I love to do most.  Patterns were created and collections formed.  There is a lot of new work that I cannot wait to showcase this year and don’t worry, I will be showcasing it here.  There are new services in the works and products that I would like to launch.

In order to make all that happen there is a lot to do, a lot to learn, and a lot to prepare for.  That is why this year I have chosen the word Learn.  There will be a lot of that going on this year.  Starting with learning more about marketing and really ramping up our marketing efforts over at Studio Em Interiors.  That in turn will allow me to really learn more and perfect my skills as a maker to get some products available for sale and then market those products as well.  I plan to learn a few new skills (like diving into screen printing) and perfect some skills I already have (the sewing skills needed for some fantastic home goods).  While all this learning is happening I will continue to create.  By the end of 2017 both Studio Em Interiors and Emi Marie Illustration + Design will be transformed.

It all starts with a small step, but in time both these companies will move closer and closer to the bigger dreams I have for them.  Looking forward to learning with all of you this year!


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