Wallpaper Colors & Patterns

Hello Everyone, today we have a special guest post from Graham & Brown.  Read below to learn all about wallpaper and color!

What does your choice in home decor say about you?

Though your home décor doesn’t have to appease everyone, wouldn’t it be good to know how we’re really making people feel when welcomed into our humble abode? We’ve been experts in wallpaper and exploring the power of color and patterns for over 70 years at Graham & Brown!

Take a look at what the different designs and palettes really exemplify….

Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

Black: The Deep Thinker

Often associated with mystery and secrecy, it can also hold many deeper, often formal and reflective connotations for those who favor it. The bold and powerful shade is extremely intense and it takes a strong personality to create such a statement. To be bold and brave, use black wallpaper – it’s a great backdrop that will really show off your personality. There are so many modern wallpaper patterns available for purchase today in this bold color- your options are endless!


Grey: The Sensible One

Grey is the color of compromise and suggests maturity and professionalism. Darker shades of it are both bold and conservative, yet elegantly formal. Take advantage of its mystical aura by pairing it with enchanted prints such as damask grey pattern wallpaper, as it is great to compliment to one wall, or to hang on all walls. Gray wallpaper will bring a sense of opulence and warmth to any room.


White: You Have Confidence

For many, the color white portrays the feeling of security protection and cleanliness, making it the perfect shade to express change and new beginnings. The color also suggests being decisive, and it is said that the people who love the color feel the need to be fully independent and self-reliant. Use plain white wallpaper to create a harmonious sensory feel, or use paintable textured wallpaper to hang, and paint in the color of our choice!


Gold: The Luxurious One

No color represents achievement and sophistication like gold! It will add light, warmth and sophistication to your home. For a muted look, small touches as simple as a metallic wallpaper accent wall can add a sense of the real opulence. Gold and white wallpaper is a classic combination that is always on trend and you’ll never get tired of!


Red: A Fiery Personality

Red can be a bold and sultry color symbolizing romance and passion. Motivating, courageous, and energizing- it is the most dramatic pigment that exists in home décor. To create a traditional look using red, opt for a rich red wallpaper to use in a bedroom or a dining room. Red would especially be good when selecting a vintage style wallpaper. For a contemporary look incorporating red, match soft cream linen colors as accents, such as wall art or throw pillows.


Green: Your Ambitious

A spectrum of green tones can create mixed feelings, but that’s the beauty of its versatility. Darker, more rich tones can represent a feeling of “want”, but on the reverse side can create a feeling of ambition. To bring a room to life, try styling it with green wallpaper and accent with oak or bamboo accessories. If you prefer shades of green that are more emerald and enchanting, try adding glass accessories such as vases or bowls. There is even designer wallpaper available in shades of green to jazz up your living space and really help make a statement.


Brown: You’re Au Natural

Brown is a wholesome color that we often relate to warmth and earthiness. It makes us feel comfortable and protected. It’s said that those who like the color are genuine and confident. Brown is a simple color that looks great in any room! Brown wallpaper would be ideal to hang in an entire room, or to use as an accent wall- the options are endless. You could even switch it up a bit by using brown large pattern wallpaper with plain neutrals.


Blue: Cool, Calm & Collective

Widely known for creating a tranquil and calm space, the color personifies trust and understanding. Helping to promote relaxation, it is said that those who enjoy the tone are controlled, conservative and trustworthy. Thanks to the variety of blue pattern wallpaper hues at Graham & Brown, you can mix and match to achieve the desired cool, calm & collective look you desire. Ganging blue bathroom wallpaper is an option, and there are even moisture-resistant lines we offer that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.


Purple: You’re a Dare Devil

Historically, purple was a color that was occupied by the wealthy and noble, offering up a sense of royalty and wisdom. Now the color is used to create feeling of creativity and imagination. Proven to improve your love life, purple is a great color to add a little drama in the bedroom. Choose a sumptuous design such as cream striped wallpaper to accent with purple, or a shimmering reflective surface to enhance the lighting. Flock wallpaper would be your best bet to add texture.


Yellow: Cheerful

Yellow is truly the color of cheer. It encourages hope, optimism, and happiness. It helps us to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yellow tones are closely connected with intellect too, and are said to stimulate mental agility and new ways of thinking. To go all out, choose a yellow and gray wallpaper and style with jet black chunky décor to create an inspirational room, full of nostalgia.

Wallpaper Graham and Brown

Finishing touches

Everyone loves attention to detail. Try adding a sense of sparkle by incorporating metallic wallpaper or light up wall art to dress up your living space.


Visit us at Graham & Brown to quickly transform your living space from dull to posh, instantly! From one of the best removable wallpaper selections, to wall décor to home accessories and more. And, did you know wallpapering is faster than painting (and easier when it comes to clean up) to give your room an instant makeover? Try using our easiest wallpaper application paper, paste the wall. It will cut your decorating time in half!



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