Let us Introduce Ourselves…

Hello!  And welcome to F.I.N.D.S., your one stop shop for Fantastic INterior Design Stuff!  Every Tuesday and Thursday we will feature something new and exciting.  Each month has a theme that is spelled out during our Monthly Mood Board, which goes live for our first post of each month.  Once our Monthly Mood is established you will find everything from our Chair of the Month, how-to and design advice, fantastic furnitureDIY projects, and great Design Finds to help you make your home a fun place that you (and others) will want to be in.  We won’t just be sharing the trendiest design ideas of the moment; we will be showing you how to incorporate the things you love into your home.  How to include your family, friends, and experiences into your décor to create a space that is uniquely you!

EmilyLeggett-Founder of FINDS and Owner of Studio Em Interiors and the brand Emi Marie
(image credit: Lauren Streiff, LunaBear Studios)

My name is Emily Leggett, I am the founder of F.I.N.D.S. and run my own Residential Interior Design Business, Studio Em Interiors and the brand Emi Marie (where I do all my surface pattern design).  I love anything and everything design.  I also love pattern and color.  If I could play around in a pile of fabrics all day I would.  My favorite part about designing a new space is searching for the perfect colors and patterns to really make it come alive.  I suffer from the need to touch everything.  When I am out and about if it looks soft, shiny, or just interesting, I have to touch it.  I have gotten strange looks from people while petting walls in public places before.  Lucky for me I now have someone who not only accepts my need to pet the walls, but on occasion will pet them with me.

Noah Ehlert - Auctioneer and Creative Consultant at FINDS

That person is Noah Ehlert and he will now be officially helping out here at F.I.N.D.S.  He has been a regular part of what we do for some time now (but now he gets the credit as well).  He is always around to go through a great brainstorming session and to help us out on the DIY projects.  He has a great creative mind and went to school for graphic design.  However, he is an auctioneer by trade (and a great one at that, 2013 Arizona State Champion Auctioneer!) and is out fast talking and selling everything from a standard car to classic automobiles, collectibles, and antiques, as well as participating in charity auctions on a regular basis.  The most notable auction was when he had the opportunity to auction off some fantastic furniture and home décor for Oprah herself!

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." - Seneca
“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

Together we love to get out on our bikes, have picnics, and travel.  We like to make sure to visit somewhere we have never been each year and have had a lot of fun doing so.  Travel is inspiration and you come back ready to hit the ground running with new project ideas.

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