Studio Em Interiors New Website Launch and New Blog Launch

New Website and Blog!

Hello Everyone!  I wanted to pop in to talk to all of you who regularly check in with this blog and anyone new who just started reading here.  It seems to be ever changing lately and we finally found something we like and are sticking to it.  The Studio Em Interiors website has been redone (which is so exciting!) and the blog is now attached directly to the website.

Studio Em Interiors New Website Launch and New Blog Launch

All the past posts have been moved over to the new site and new posts will begin to show up there instead of here starting in September when everything is officially launched.  I wanted to give the regular readers a heads up on the change so you all have a chance to pop over there and check out the new site and sign up to receive alerts when new posts go live.  We hope to keep each and every one of you as an avid reader of the Studio Em Interiors Blog and promise more posts are coming.

Another change is that Emi Marie Illustration + Design is also getting a new website.  Everything is in the process of being changed over so the site is currently down, but will be back up as soon as possible.  There will then be a separate blog attached to that site as well.  So if you are looking to follow that side of things we will be posting here when that site goes live so all of you can sign up to receive updates on that blog as well.  Over there we will be featuring a lot of illustration, stationary designs, wedding items, hand lettering and signage.  There is a lot in the works and it is very exciting.  A line of products will be coming later in the year/early next year as well.

Again, I want to thank everyone for sticking with us through all the changes and I hope to see you all on each of the new sites.  Go ahead and head on over to the new Studio Em Interiors site now and check it out!


Wallpaper Colors & Patterns

Hello Everyone, today we have a special guest post from Graham & Brown.  Read below to learn all about wallpaper and color!

What does your choice in home decor say about you?

Though your home décor doesn’t have to appease everyone, wouldn’t it be good to know how we’re really making people feel when welcomed into our humble abode? We’ve been experts in wallpaper and exploring the power of color and patterns for over 70 years at Graham & Brown!

Take a look at what the different designs and palettes really exemplify….

Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

Black: The Deep Thinker

Often associated with mystery and secrecy, it can also hold many deeper, often formal and reflective connotations for those who favor it. The bold and powerful shade is extremely intense and it takes a strong personality to create such a statement. To be bold and brave, use black wallpaper – it’s a great backdrop that will really show off your personality. There are so many modern wallpaper patterns available for purchase today in this bold color- your options are endless!


Grey: The Sensible One

Grey is the color of compromise and suggests maturity and professionalism. Darker shades of it are both bold and conservative, yet elegantly formal. Take advantage of its mystical aura by pairing it with enchanted prints such as damask grey pattern wallpaper, as it is great to compliment to one wall, or to hang on all walls. Gray wallpaper will bring a sense of opulence and warmth to any room.


White: You Have Confidence

For many, the color white portrays the feeling of security protection and cleanliness, making it the perfect shade to express change and new beginnings. The color also suggests being decisive, and it is said that the people who love the color feel the need to be fully independent and self-reliant. Use plain white wallpaper to create a harmonious sensory feel, or use paintable textured wallpaper to hang, and paint in the color of our choice!


Gold: The Luxurious One

No color represents achievement and sophistication like gold! It will add light, warmth and sophistication to your home. For a muted look, small touches as simple as a metallic wallpaper accent wall can add a sense of the real opulence. Gold and white wallpaper is a classic combination that is always on trend and you’ll never get tired of!


Red: A Fiery Personality

Red can be a bold and sultry color symbolizing romance and passion. Motivating, courageous, and energizing- it is the most dramatic pigment that exists in home décor. To create a traditional look using red, opt for a rich red wallpaper to use in a bedroom or a dining room. Red would especially be good when selecting a vintage style wallpaper. For a contemporary look incorporating red, match soft cream linen colors as accents, such as wall art or throw pillows.


Green: Your Ambitious

A spectrum of green tones can create mixed feelings, but that’s the beauty of its versatility. Darker, more rich tones can represent a feeling of “want”, but on the reverse side can create a feeling of ambition. To bring a room to life, try styling it with green wallpaper and accent with oak or bamboo accessories. If you prefer shades of green that are more emerald and enchanting, try adding glass accessories such as vases or bowls. There is even designer wallpaper available in shades of green to jazz up your living space and really help make a statement.


Brown: You’re Au Natural

Brown is a wholesome color that we often relate to warmth and earthiness. It makes us feel comfortable and protected. It’s said that those who like the color are genuine and confident. Brown is a simple color that looks great in any room! Brown wallpaper would be ideal to hang in an entire room, or to use as an accent wall- the options are endless. You could even switch it up a bit by using brown large pattern wallpaper with plain neutrals.


Blue: Cool, Calm & Collective

Widely known for creating a tranquil and calm space, the color personifies trust and understanding. Helping to promote relaxation, it is said that those who enjoy the tone are controlled, conservative and trustworthy. Thanks to the variety of blue pattern wallpaper hues at Graham & Brown, you can mix and match to achieve the desired cool, calm & collective look you desire. Ganging blue bathroom wallpaper is an option, and there are even moisture-resistant lines we offer that are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.


Purple: You’re a Dare Devil

Historically, purple was a color that was occupied by the wealthy and noble, offering up a sense of royalty and wisdom. Now the color is used to create feeling of creativity and imagination. Proven to improve your love life, purple is a great color to add a little drama in the bedroom. Choose a sumptuous design such as cream striped wallpaper to accent with purple, or a shimmering reflective surface to enhance the lighting. Flock wallpaper would be your best bet to add texture.


Yellow: Cheerful

Yellow is truly the color of cheer. It encourages hope, optimism, and happiness. It helps us to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yellow tones are closely connected with intellect too, and are said to stimulate mental agility and new ways of thinking. To go all out, choose a yellow and gray wallpaper and style with jet black chunky décor to create an inspirational room, full of nostalgia.

Wallpaper Graham and Brown

Finishing touches

Everyone loves attention to detail. Try adding a sense of sparkle by incorporating metallic wallpaper or light up wall art to dress up your living space.


Visit us at Graham & Brown to quickly transform your living space from dull to posh, instantly! From one of the best removable wallpaper selections, to wall décor to home accessories and more. And, did you know wallpapering is faster than painting (and easier when it comes to clean up) to give your room an instant makeover? Try using our easiest wallpaper application paper, paste the wall. It will cut your decorating time in half!


Industrial Modern Living Room Mood Board - Studio Em Interiors

Industrial Modern Living Room

Recently I started working on a new project with an industrial edge to it.  It is a change from what my clients normally ask for and has been a ton of fun to work on so far.  Today I decided to take it a step further and mix an industrial edge into my usual Mid-Century Modern style.  I chose pieces from some of my favorite retailers to complete the look.  This look can be done by hunting for the perfect vintage finds, which is a love of my husbands and mine as we curate our own collection for our house.  However, those are usually one of a kind finds and I wanted to make sure the selections on this mood board are accessible to anyone who wants to create this look in their own home.

Industrial Modern Living Room Mood Board - Studio Em Interiors

Where to find each piece:

  1. Graydon Double Wall Sconce (Rejuvenation) – I chose this for the dark bronze accent that ties in with the other metal accents in the room.  The tall sconce adds height to the wall and looks nice flanking the shelving units.
  2. Colton 34″ Library (Arhaus) – This piece was chosen for the great mix of materials.  The mix of wood and iron adds that industrial edge to the space.  This also adds a great way to accessorize the room.  I would fill the shelves with a mix of books and items collected from our travels.
  3. Colton 63″ Library (Arhaus) – Center this behind the sofa with the smaller units on each side.  It covers a large area making an impact and anchoring the room behind the sofa.
  4. Retro Tripod Nesting Tables (West Elm) – I am in love with the triangular shape of these tables and the fact that there are two.  This is great when needing a table in another spot in the room.  It is easy to move, but will still sit nicely in place when not needed. Great for when company is over.
  5. Brekan 90″ Upholstered Sofa in Tribeca Pewter (Arhaus) – I can never resist a sofa that has a mid-century vibe to it, which is why I fell in love with this.  The clean lines of the upholstery look great with the slight curve in the base/legs.  The single row of tufting on the back cushion adds just enough detail without taking away from the clean look of the sofa.
  6. Pleated Silk Pillow Cover – Copper (West Elm) – I love mixing a bit of orange into my mid-century rooms.  It is a great color for the era and can also lend a bit of a 70’s vibe to a space if you want to go that route with it.  The pleating of the silk adds texture to the  sofa, which adds more interest and layers to the space.
  7. Tidal Weave Pouf (West Elm) – I love a good pouf, especially when it adds a bit of texture to the space and this pouf does just that.  Get two of them to sit opposite the side chair.  These are great for added seating or add a tray on top to display accessories.  Another great element to have when entertaining.
  8. Reeve Mid-Century Oval Coffee Table -Pecan (West Elm) – Another classic look for the mid-century space.  Not quite the shape of a vintage surf board style coffee table, but it gives the feel of that look.  Although the woods in the space don’t all match exactly the warm walnut like tones of them all tie everything together.  I love to mix and match wood finishes in a space.  When mixed correctly it creates a warm and inviting feel.
  9.   Amrita Hand Knotted Medallion Rug in Olive (Arhaus) – Always use a rug to anchor a seating area.  It helps to define the space and is a great way to add color and pattern to the neutral tones of the furniture.
  10. Tansy 28″ Upholstered Chair in Tibetan Ivory Sheepskin (Arhaus) – I am a sucker for anything that is obscenely fluffy and this chair is just that.  I usually fall for pillows like this, but when I found this chair I knew it had to be part of the room.  The wood tone mixes wonderfully with the other woods in the space.  The lines of the chair echo the mid-century vibe I am going for and the upholstery adds a bit of texture to the space.  Who could resist sitting in this.  I am not sure if I would rather be in it or across the room on the sofa where I have a great view of it.
  11. Paris (Z Gallerie) – Art is something I like to personalize to my clients.  I chose this because Paris is a special place to me and I like to decorate with items from our travels, art, accessories and my own photography from my travels.  This piece is a great accent to that as it has meaning and memories associated with the sites listed.  It has a vintage/industrial vibe to it as well.
  12. Lawrence Media Cabinet in Midnight Java (Arhaus) – This is a large piece for the space that would sit opposite the sofa.  It adds another warm wood finish to the space, but it is dark enough that it mixes nicely with the others.  It adds more space to accessorize the room.  It also has the task of housing the necessary living room items, the TV, cable box, Blu-Ray player and game systems.  All this can be hidden on inside on shelves and in drawers.  The middle doors slide open to reveal everything when you want to watch TV and slide closed to hide it all out of site when not in use.  The brass hardware adds a bit of sophistication to the piece all while keeping the industrial vibe.
  13. San Francisco (Z Gallerie) – Another art piece to tie in with the travel theme and flank the other side of the media cabinet with the Paris art.

Many of the main pieces used to anchor this room and tie everything on the mood board together are from Arhaus.  Be sure to head over to their living room page to get even more inspiration for your space.  Who knows, you may be inspired to create a mood board of your own, or maybe even remodel your entire space!

Update with Greenery

All the St. Patrick’s Day posts and seeing green everywhere today may have you thinking of far off destinations, a trip to Ireland, or even thinking about how you can bring some more green into your life.  Today isn’t the only day we have been seeing green this year, it seems to be everywhere.  Part of that is because this year the Pantone Color of the Year just happens to be Greenery.  I have seen this as a trend this year and more and more people are wanting to incorporate this color into their décor.

I am sure a lot of the east coast is wishing they were seeing more green about now and here in Arizona we pretty much wish we saw more green all the time, as it is usually a sea of beige here.  But spring is here in Arizona (although today’s temperatures feel like summer) and we have some green in the desert, wildflowers blooming, and some color we don’t usually see unless it’s on a cactus.  Normally we dream to other tropical destinations, all harder to get to, but we can dream.  Here in the states I think of Florida when thinking of tropical destination, palm trees, sandy beaches, and relaxation.  A great place to escape to and relax.  So today we are going to run with the idea of green, the outdoors, bringing it all in and sprucing our interiors up for spring with a little green.

Here is an example of how a little change in your color scheme can add a new sense of freshness and life to a space or a design.  Here is a pattern that is part of a coming collection from Emi Marie Illustration + Design.  The pattern was originally in a smoky blue and grey palette and was recently recolored using the Pantone Greenery as inspiration.  The pattern was instantly updated, made to feel more modern and given fresh new life for new applications.  This same theory can apply to your interiors.  Just by adding a hint of the green you can update your space and breathe some new life into your home for spring.

Living Room

If you want to at some green to your space you could go pick and add an upholstered piece in an eye popping example of the Pantone color of the year, such as this Velvet Losange Chair from Anthropologie.

Velvet Losange Chair - Anthropologie
Velvet Losange Chair from Anthropologie

Or add the green to the floor with an eye catching green rug like this one from Organic Looms.

Organic Looms Rug
Available to the trade at Organic Looms

If a subtler change is what you are after, then channel those Florida beaches with this Seaweed Pillow found on

Seaweed Pillow, Indoor Cover, 18"x18" With Pillow Insert

Or opt for a more toned down earthy green by choosing the Trevino Chive Green pillow from Crate & Barrel

Trevino Chive Green Pillow from Crate & Barrel

Another way to bring the outdoors in is in your art.  I am loving these leaves pressed between the Brass Specimen Frame from Terrain.  Go out into nature and find your own leaves to press and frame.

Brass Specimen Frame from Terrain

This Beverly Palms Print from Crate & Barrel would be a great accent

Beverly Palms Print from Crate & Barrel

If a subtle hint of green is more your style this abstract print from West Elm is the perfect addition to any modern space.

abstract green graffiti - West Elm
Abstract Green Graffiti Print from West Elm

Kitchen and Dining Rooms

These are two of the rooms you spend a lot of time in, especially if you like to entertain.  Go bold and really change your space with a patterned wallpaper that people are sure to notice.  The Fanned Fronds Wallpaper from Anthropologie will add color and interest to a space.  Use it on one wall for a big impact in your dining space or use it all over to add a tropical feel to the space.

Fanned Fronds Wallpaper from Anthropologie

If wallpaper is not your thing try something a little less noticeable by switching out the pulls on your furniture or even your entire kitchen and add a pop of color and a metal accent with the Viridian Handle from Anthropologie.  To make them stand out even more, paint your cabinets white and made the pulls the star of the room.

Viridian Handle from Anthropologie

Or add new cushions to your chairs, these would be great outdoors on a patio as well.

Tufted Outdoor Cushion from Terrain

Update your cookware with a brightly colored pot.

Le Creuset Signature 5.5qt Round Palm French Oven with Lid

Or if you love to bake choose a Kitchen Aid mixer in a bright shade of green.

Kitchen Aid Artisan Green Apple Stand Mixer

If you have the wall space add this Iron Wire Rack to the wall and fill it with potted herbs to use while cooking.  Not only will it bring the outdoors in and add a pop of green to your space, but it will be a functioning indoor garden.

Iron Wire Rack from Terrain

Lastly, the easiest way to add some green to your kitchen is with new tea towels.  Here are a few of our favorites,

Monstera Tea Towel - GeoBonaica Etsy
Monstera Tea Towel from GeoBotanica
Tea Towel Monstera - Soekhq Etsy
Tea Towel Monstera from STOEKHQ
Goldfinch Tea Towel - Alison Hullyer - Etsy
Goldfinch Tea Towel from Allison Hullyer

Accessorize Any Space

Plants and greenery are a great addition to every room of your house.  I am loving these hanging ferns from Terrain

Hanging Fern String Garden Trio from Terrain

Add some green vases and fill them with brightly colored blooms to add more color to a space that can be changed when the mood strikes by changing the color of the blooms.

Column Glass Vase from Terrain
Sanded Glass Vase from Terrain

And if all this green and tropical influence has you wishing you were somewhere else, plan a trip or better yet, take the plunge and move somewhere amazing that will have you feeling spring all year long.  If you are looking to make the move to our inspiration state of Florida, Douglas Elliman Real Estate can help you find the home of your dreams!

Master bathroom remodel of a space in need of an update into a calming spa like retreat for those who will be using it.

Tranquil Spa Suite – Chandler, Arizona

In this major transformation we remodeled a master bathroom from basic builder finishes and fixtures to a tranquil spa retreat for my clients.  In the before images you can see the interior is made up of fairly standard materials that were installed in most newer homes that were built at the time in the early 90’s.

Chandler Spa Suite - Before images of the master bathroom remodel

The clients asked for an updated, more modern, spa like retreat.  They loved the idea of using a mosaic to add some color and wanted the calming effects of blues and greens.  We demoed the entire room and installed new cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets and lighting.  We added extra tranquility to the space by repeating the tile we used in the bath and shower area behind the vanity.  The medicine cabinets were recessed into the walls and hidden behind framed mirrors.

Master bathroom remodel of a space in need of an update into a calming spa like retreat for those who will be using it.

The tub and shower area were tiled with the same mosaic tiles throughout to create a seamless feel to the space adding to the calm, open feeling.

We created a large tub/shower area and unified the space by carrying the same calming mosaic tile throughout the entire space.

The countertops and the tub deck are white with recycled glass in the top.  The recycled glass picks up on the blues and greens of the mosaic tiles.

The mosaic tile used in the tub/shower area is used again to add a striking baksplash at the vanity. This adds to the calming spa like feel of the space.

We used brushed nickel finishes throughout the space on all fixtures and lighting.  The clean lines and calming colors give this master bathroom remodel a relaxing and tranquil feeling.  It truly became a place to escape at the end of a hard day.  The choice of color and finishes brightened the space and transformed the interior into a place you want to relax and stay awhile.
Tub/Shower area of Chandler Spa Suite - Master Bathroom Remodel - Studio Em Interiors


What is your design dilemma?

What’s your design dilemma?

Hello Everyone!  I plan to start a few new features on the blog this year and one of them will be to help readers solve their design dilemmas.  In order to do that we need to hear from you.

What design problems do you face in your home?  What have you been struggling with to make look fantastic, but just can’t seem to get it right?  Are you struggling with color, accessorizing your home, accents, the layout of your furniture?  I can help.  So please share with us your small design dilemmas and we will answer questions and share tips on how you can fix these things in your own home.

Feel free to comment with your design dilemmas directly on this post or email them to

I look forward to helping more of my readers make their homes fantastic again!

2017 Word of the Year - Learn

2017 Word of the Year

Last year I chose Create as my word for the year and create is what I did.  I dove into extra classes and looked for extra projects.  I created all of the save the dates, invitations,and any other paper goods for my wedding and a couple others.  I created all the signage for my wedding as well and went crazy with details when creating the seating chart and custom “vintage” postcards from our travel pictures to use for our guest book.  It was a fun year of creativity and discovering new things I love to do most.  Patterns were created and collections formed.  There is a lot of new work that I cannot wait to showcase this year and don’t worry, I will be showcasing it here.  There are new services in the works and products that I would like to launch.

In order to make all that happen there is a lot to do, a lot to learn, and a lot to prepare for.  That is why this year I have chosen the word Learn.  There will be a lot of that going on this year.  Starting with learning more about marketing and really ramping up our marketing efforts over at Studio Em Interiors.  That in turn will allow me to really learn more and perfect my skills as a maker to get some products available for sale and then market those products as well.  I plan to learn a few new skills (like diving into screen printing) and perfect some skills I already have (the sewing skills needed for some fantastic home goods).  While all this learning is happening I will continue to create.  By the end of 2017 both Studio Em Interiors and Emi Marie Illustration + Design will be transformed.

It all starts with a small step, but in time both these companies will move closer and closer to the bigger dreams I have for them.  Looking forward to learning with all of you this year!


Can you believe it’s 2017?!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  I feel like 2016 flew by incredibly quickly.

I am officially back and going to make every effort to post on this blog this year.  As I mentioned before the posts will now have to do with interior design via Studio Em Interiors as you are all used to and now I am adding illustration and pattern design posts to the mix via Emi Marie Illustration + Design, which is a new section of my business that I will be officially launching this year!  More on that to come.

The blog is in the process of being updated for these changes and the original plan was to have everything complete before returning to posting normal.  2016 ended up being a whirlwind of a year for us and that just didn’t happen.  So now you all get to come along for the ride as the changes are made and I will continue to post about it all along the way.  A lot has happened since we last spoke and I will be updating you on all of it in the coming weeks.  2016 was a year full of ups and a lot of downs and unexpected surprises.  We spent a lot of time being sad about things and now it is a new year and time to focus on the positives and to pull the positive things out of 2016 because for all the bad, there was so so much good as well.  We spent the year traveling to visit friends and family.  We got to see my brother get married to my wonderful new sister-in-law who we all love.  I was married in November (I’ll share more about that soon), and the year was capped off with our honeymoon and a great holiday with my family.  We rang in the new year celebrating my Dad’s 60th birthday.  It was a great end to an otherwise absolutely crazy year.

Inspired Soles 2016 - Head Over Heels: A Parisienne Proposal by Emily Leggett of Studio Em Interiors and Emi Marie Illustration + Design

Inspired Soles 2016: My Parisienne Inspiration

Inspired Soles 2016 - Head Over Heels: A Parisienne Proposal by Emily Leggett of Studio Em Interiors and Emi Marie Illustration + Design

It is that time of year again and I am once again participating in the Inspired Soles event.  There have been a couple of changes this year and you can now bid online for your favorite shoe if you are unable to attend in person.

This year I took inspiration for my shoe from my Parisienne proposal that happened last September (read all about it here).  Many of you who read the blog often know all about it.  I have entitled my piece, “Head Over Heels: A Parisienne Proposal”.  Head Over Heels: A Parisian Proposal maps out the city of love, romance, and light, and represents a proposal beneath the Eiffel Tower on a perfect, star-filled night.  Continue reading “Inspired Soles 2016: My Parisienne Inspiration”

Retro Kitchen Renovation with Big Chill Appliances in Pink Lemonade - FINDS Blog - Studio Em Interiors

Retro Kitchen Renovation with Big Chill Appliances

This month is all about the kitchen and one thing I have always wanted to do with my own kitchen is a retro remodel.  Our home is currently rocking a very mid-century modern vibe, but the kitchen is definitely lacking in that awesome retro feel.  Big plans are in store for the kitchen one day, but for now we can dream.  Today we are sharing a retro kitchen remodel mood board inspired by retro appliances from Big Chill.  We decided to take it one step further and choose a color from The Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016.  Pastel colors were big in the 50’s and surprisingly enough so was pink.  So for our first mood board we are going to play off the Rose Quartz color chosen by Pantone.  If pink isn’t really your thing, don’t worry, we have another mood board coming your way later this week that will play off the Serenity Blue color.  And if you don’t want to go full retro, we are going to modernize it a bit with the Serenity Blue while still keeping that retro feel.  Today is all about Rose Quartz though!  Lucky for us Big Chill has the perfect color selection for their appliances to allow us to do just that.  Continue reading “Retro Kitchen Renovation with Big Chill Appliances”