New Year’s Resolutions – Get Organized: 8 Tips to a Better Bedroom Closet

8 Tips to Organize Your Closet

Today we are going to give you a few tips and tricks to help clear out the clutter in your bedroom closet and get things organized.  The bedroom closet is an easy place to let get out of control.  We keep clothes we no longer need, hang on to some we should finally let go, and of course no one sees this space but us so we tend to let it get messy more easily than we would our living room. Here are some easy ways to clean out the clutter and get your closet looking great.

1.)    Take everything out of the closet and give it a good cleaning.  Don’t forget to vacuum the floors as well.  Just like with the linen closet (see our previous post on organizing the Linen Closet) this will probably be the only time that the closet is completely empty.  When we put everything back in we will use decorative touches to make sure we love the way it looks.  When we love the way something looks we care more about it and tend to keep it nicer longer.  If you would like to take the décor aspect of the closet a step further use this time to paint it a fun color or coordinate it with your bedroom.  You can also line the backs of shelves with decorative wallpaper.  Anything to make it you and personalize it into a space you will love as much as other parts of your house.

2.)    Now start to assess what items are in the closet.  You do not need to keep things in this closet that shouldn’t be kept here.  Use this space to organize things that should be in a bedroom closet.  If you are finding things like holiday decorations take them out and store them elsewhere. (Find tips to organize your holiday décor here.)

3.)    Now it is time to separate your clothes by season.  If you are really limited on space then maybe you want to switch out your seasonal clothes.  Store out of season clothes in plastic bins in another closet or under the bed and switch out only when you are actually wearing them.  I for one am in Arizona and the sweater season here is pretty much short to non-existent so I do not let my sweaters take up a lot of important real estate in the closet.

4.)    Once you have sorted by season take a look at what you have and decide if you really want to keep it or not.  We all have some clothes we could stand to get rid of.

  • Is it falling apart, worn out, or obviously old?  Throw it away
  • Did you notice there are still some items in here you may have worn (depending on how old you are) in college, high school, etc… If there are items that old in there it may be time to let them go.
  • We all have them, those clothes that we will fit into again when we lose that last 5 pounds.  Now is the time to assess how long you have been waiting to lose those last 5 pounds.  When I recently went through my stuff there were a few items I finally threw out.  If you have been hanging on to it for too long get rid of it.  Don’t stop trying to lose that last 5, but if it has been years, when the time comes and those last 5 are gone you deserve to treat yourself to a new outfit.  Not the same one you wore 10 years ago.
  • If it is out of style and you know you will never wear it again get rid of it.  If you never wear it, but it is still in good condition then sell it or donate it.
  • Still not sure what can go and what to keep?  Hang the items you are keeping back up in the closet with the hangers hung backwards.  When you wear and wash an item hang it back up the right way.  Six months from now you will easily be able to see what you have never worn and you know you can get rid of it without missing it.

5.)    When you do hang everything back up, group your items.  Hang t-shirts together, dress shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.  That way when you decide to wear a certain type of item you can look in one place for it and are not searching all over your closet.

6.)    Tackle your shoes and go through them the same way you did your clothes.  Use cubbies or a shoe rack on the floor to organize shoes.  I for one have a lot of shoes and they are all different shapes because of heels, flats, boots, etc.  A shoe rack or cubbies take up too much space for me and do not fit my shoes.  My method is to keep the shoe boxes.  They stack neatly together on the floor and I can fit many more pairs of shoes in the same space this way.  You may be asking how I know what is what so I’m not opening every box in search of the pair I want.  It’s easy.  I simply snap a picture of the shoes and tape it to the front of the box.  I can easily look in the closet see all the shoes I have and get the one I want quickly.  This method has also made it so I am able to mix it up and used all the shoes I have.  Since I can easily see what I have I never forget to wear the ones I can’t see.

7.)    We all have other odds and ends in the closet.  Ties can easily be hung on a rack on the wall.  Use a hanger or a tie rack for scarves as well.  Or you can organize scarves into a bin.  Fold your jeans neatly and stack them on a shelf.  Old t-shirts you work in or clean in can also be folded nicely and stacked on a shelf.  I do the same with my workout clothes as well.  Just like with the clothes you hang.  Group like items together and label bins or boxes.

8.)    Any odd items left over organize into baskets.  Use decorative boxes or baskets.  This way the closet not only looks organized, but it will look pretty.  When something is more decorative and we love the way it looks we tend to keep it cleaner longer.   It is a simple trick to help you keep it nice.

Use these tips to get your closet cleaned out and looking great.  Happy organizing!

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