Holiday DIY – Valentine’s Day Scratchers Printable

Valentine Scratchers  - Finished Scratchers

Just in case you are still trying to figure out what to get that special someone we have a quick and easy DIY project just for you.  This is also a great gift for those who are on a budget as well.  These DIY Scratchers are the perfect solution.  Think of some nice things you could do for someone and let them take their chances and see what they get.  This is also a great project to do with children or as a gift for you friends if that is who you will be spending the day with.  We have included a printable of the cards so you can print your own at home, fill in the gift ideas, and cover them with the scratcher paint.  Instant personalized gift!


Valentine’s Day Scratcher Printable (get yours here: Valentine Scratchers Printable)

Clear Self Adhesive Contact Paper (I got mine at the dollar store)



A Pen and some trace paper

Acrylic paint in a color of your choice (I used red for Valentine’s Day)

Dish Soap

Valentine Scratchers  - Supplies

Step 1: You will want to work on the scratcher portion first so the paint can dry while you are finishing the rest of the project.  First you will want to cut out a square of the contact paper that is large enough to fit all the hearts you will need on it.  There are 18 hearts per sheet of Scratchers that you print.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 1

Step 2: Mix the paint and dish soap.  Use 2 parts paint and 1 part dish soap.  I used a plastic spoon to measure out the amounts.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 2

Step 3: Paint the sheet of contact paper on the clear glossy side.  We will be removing the paper from the back to adhere the hearts to the scratchers later.  Allow enough time for the paint to dry.  Normally acrylic paint dries quickly, but with the addition of the dish soap it took a good part of the afternoon for all the coats to thoroughly dry.  I had to use 5 coats to get the paint thick enough so you could not see through it to what was written on the scratchers.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 3

Step 4: While the paint dries get the scratchers ready.  Start by using the trace paper to trace the size of one of the hearts and then cut that out.  You will use it as a template later once all the paint has dried.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 4

Step 5: Use your pen to write whatever gifts you have thought to give.  Write one gift in each of the hearts.  Be creative and fun with it.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 5

Step 6: Once the paint is completely dry, flip the contact paper over and use the heart you cut out to trace around and trace out 18 hearts per page you printed.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 6

Step 7: Now you will cut out all the hearts.   They do not have to be perfect.  If you have a heart hole punch that is the right size you could use that as well.  The paint did not come off on the scissors.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 7

Step 8: Peel off the paper on the back of the contact paper and start to place your hearts over each of the hearts on the printout.

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 8

Step 9: Lastly, you will want to cut out each Scratcher.  I used the paper cutter I have.  You can easily do this with scissors or a ruler and exacto knife.  Now your scratchers are complete and ready to give!

Valentine Scratchers  - Step 9


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