DIY Bottle Rocket Drink Stirrers (with free printable)

DIY Bottle Rocket Drink Stirrer with free printable

I know the Fourth of July has come and gone, but it is still summer and still time to celebrate.  I remember shooting off fireworks on family vacations all season long, not just on the fourth.  I also have a birthday coming up which will call for a celebration.  A backyard BBQ/pool party seems like the perfect way to celebrate the day.

Today I am sharing with you my Bottle Rocket Drink Stirrers I have made for the party.  It’s a great way to add a festive touch to any summer event.  It is a simple DIY that takes no time at all and I have even included a free printable so all you will have to do is assemble, make a drink, stir it up and enjoy the party!


DIY Bottle Rocket Drink Stirrer Printable  (click to print, there are 6 per page)

Bamboo Skewers


Double sided tape or a glue stick

Glue gun with glue sticks

DIY Bottle Rocket Drink Stirrers with free printable


1.)    Once you have printed out the template cut out all the pieces.  The image above shows you where you are meant to connect each piece.  You will want to use double sided tape or a glue stick on the open spot then roll each piece.  The base of the bottle rocket will make a cylinder.  If you are having a hard time rolling it try rolling the paper around a pencil before you put on the tape or glue.  I did this and it made it much easier.  The top piece will make a cone.

2.)    Now it is time to secure your pieces to the bamboo skewer.  Place a bead of glue at the top of the skewer the length of the bottom piece of the bottle rocket.  Slide that piece over and press against the bamboo skewer for a few seconds till the glue sets.  I glued each one on at the seam from rolling it.  The two layers of paper helped with the heat from the glue.

3.)    Lastly place a bead of glue around the top portion of the skewer and another glob of glue inside the cone top piece.  Place the cone on top of the bamboo skewer to create the bottle rocket.  You will need to hold it in place till the glue sets, be careful as you can feel the heat of the glue through the paper.  I lined up the seams of each piece when I attached them.  Once the glue is set you are done.  Make as many as you think you will need then get ready to enjoy your party!


If you are looking for a great treat for your party, whip up a batch or our Firecracker Ice Cream!

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