Monthly Mood Board: Romance

Finds - February - Monthly Mood Board - Romance

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming up this month.  In honor of this holiday of love this month’s theme is Romance.  What better room in the house to make romantic than your bedroom.  We feel the most romantic bedrooms are those that are calming and relaxing with some romantic elements thrown in.  Below are our picks and tips to make your bedroom a romantic relaxing sanctuary.

1.)    We love this Antique Chandelier from Eloquence.  They have a few options, sizes and configurations on their site to fit any room and style.  Start with a soft, relaxing color on your walls.  We love a soft lavender color and even like to add a pattern with paint or a romantic wall covering.  Then hang this chandelier from the center of the room for some romantic sparkling light.

2.)    The bed needs to be romantic, and nothing says romance like the feel of Paris, France.  We love this Versailles Luxury Upholstered Bed from The French Bedroom Company.  The bed is framed in antique gilt mahogany with end corner details.  The curves of the cabriole style legs and amazing carving on this bed just scream romance.  If that was not enough add the beige-grey raw slub-silk upholstery to top it all off.  This is one piece that I would love to add to my own room for sure!

3.)    We have pictured an example of window coverings (we found this image on Pinterest).  This configuration consists of two elements.  We love the gathered window shade that can be moved up and down to control light and privacy in the room.  The second is the drapery panel that is tied back to one side and secured with a rosette.  Add the drama and romance to the room by puddling the curtain on the floor.

4.)    Since we love the gold, gilded antiqued finish of the bed so much and the curves on the frame we have selected the Versailles Gold Bedside Table to serve as the nightstands in this room.  We thought it was important to match the gold finish of this bed since it is so striking.  We love this nightstand because it has drawers for storage as well as a shelf.

5.)    Keeping with our theme of French romance we have selected an Antique French arm chair to add a sitting area to the room.  It serves as a great place to curl up with a good book and get some relaxation.  Upholster in a rich velvet to add the drama and romance.

6.)    Add a side table next to the chair to rest your cup of coffee, tea, or even a glass of wine.  We chose a simple white side table.  With all the other ornate drama in the room we felt it was best to keep this side table simple and understated.  It will let the other pieces stand out while this fades to the background a bit.  That is a great way to add function to the space without adding too many in your face pieces.

7.)    We love the bedding shown on the bed and you could keep it a simple white duvet.  However, if you would like to add a softer less stark white feel to the room then we have selected The Sutter Lilac ruched duvet cover.  The soft purple color will pop off the gold of the bed frame (and add romance of course). This duvet cover from Crane and Canopy also adds a touch of sexiness to the bedding as well with the ruching that mimics elements found in women’s lingerie.

8.)    We always love to have a full length mirror in our rooms.  It is great to be able to see a full length view of yourself before heading out on that date night.  We have selected the floor mirror from Hillary Thomas Designs.  Not only will this help to bounce light around the room, but it acts as a piece of art on the wall as well.

9.)    Nothing makes the bed look more comfortable then a pile of pillows (not too many, but you need a few).  We love the Hotel Collection Bedding, Finest Luster Decorative Pillows from Macy’s.  The embroidery and beaded details add a sense of luxury to the space.  The tone on tone details add texture and interest without being too overwhelming for the space or taking away from the detailed duvet or bedframe.

Now take these tips, maybe pick up a few of these items or items like it and get your bedroom ready for a romantic Valentine’s Day!  Happy February!




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