Monthly Mood Board: A Space for Dad – Man Caves

Finds - June- Monthly Mood Board - A Space for Dad - Man Caves

This month is all about Dad and in honor of Father’s Day we are theming this month all about what the men want.  A Man Cave!  Whether you are a bachelor and can use your entire place as you wish or you have a significant other and/or a family and maybe only get a room, you are sure to find something to spruce up your space this month.  Here are our picks for essential items you will want to have in the space you use to hang with the boys while watching sports, drinking beer, and playing poker (pool, air hockey, etc.).

1.)     We start with an epic entrance to your room.  You do not want to let just anyone in.  So why not make a super secret entrance to the room that is all yours.  No one will know it is there unless you tell them.  It makes the perfect start to your manly space.

2.)    Once inside your room you will want a place to kick back, relax, watch the game and maybe even take a nap.  That is the first thing we know, the second is that a man doesn’t need a stylish sofa that he can cuddle up on with his buddies, he wants a man space that is great for watching the game.  The solution, the Vox Home Theatre Seating from Palliser.  This is the ultimate in seating for your man room.  You can customize so many options from how many seats across to the color and technology details.  We love the dark brown leather with a power option for reclining, LED cupholder, tray tables for when you need to eat in front of the TV and last but not least a holder for your tablet.  Perfect for following your fantasy football team all season long while watching all the games on your perfect Man Wall.

3.)    The image we featured here is The Man Wall by Hybrid Space Furniture.  We searched and searched but the page no longer existed, but we love the idea anyway.  This can easily be customized.  The perfect wall will include one large flat screen TV surrounded by smaller TV’s so you never miss any of the action and our favorite feature is the 7 foot sports ticker along the top to keep you updated at all times.

4.)    The other main feature of any Man Cave would be the game table.  Here we have featured the Nighthawk Poker Table from BBO Poker Tables which can also be converted to a dining table when needed.  If poker isn’t your thing then add a pool table or even an Air Hockey table.  You just need some sort of game table.

5.)    Now you can’t play all that poker and watch all those games without a drink.  You could go the usual route and install a home bar (which we will be featuring tips for that later this month) or you could have the ultimate beer storage system and install the Brew Cave.  This bad boy of a cooler can hold over 30 cases of beer, plus 6 kegs and has a beer tap attached for the ultimate kegerator.

6.)    Most likely you will need a place to store all your DVDs, video games, and maybe even some books or magazines.  We love the Higher Ground bookcase.  This tall bookcase has a ladder that sits flush with the shelves.  Need something from the top, just slide the ladder out when you need to use it.

7.)    Every man room needs some wall art.  It is sure to include whatever hobbies/interests you have and some sports memorabilia.  Since we all have different likes and dislikes we will leave that part up to you.  What we did find is a list of rules that can be followed in any man’s space.  Man Cave Rules Typography Sign by Cellar Designs on Etsy.

8.)    And just in case your favorite beer isn’t on tap, you may need to open a bottle.  May as well do that in style with the Beer Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher – Brown from The Henry House on Etsy.

All month is devoted to spaces for men so tell us what else you would like to see.  What are your essential man cave items?  Comment below and you may just see the items you want featured later this month.

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